The highlights of 2015 Hot Wheels Batch Q, not named 180SX…

So has the upcoming Nissan 180SX from Hot Wheels been overhyped?  Yeah, probably.  Will that deter you from pursuing one?  Of course not.

So when Batch Q hits the stores in the next 1-2 weeks, you might be out searching for one or ten of those Nissans.  And unless you are a skilled pallet raider or door warmer, you may not see them for awhile.  Don’t fret, because you will eventually.  As more and more people find them, they will leave them, opening the door for you to get yours.

But in the meantime, while you are searching, remember that the 180SX is not the only must-have in the bunch.  The Off-Road Toyota, Super or not, looks so good in Toyota Racing colors, the return of the Lancia has many very happy, and the Escort in non-F&F colors might be the better of the two.

So whether that 180SX is there are not, remember there will be plenty of other models to pick up.  Below are some of my faves…

I do like the red Tesla A TON better than the previous version in silver, but it still isn’t fair to post it together with the Matchbox.  I did anyway…

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    Definitely happy that Stratos is being used again, and in HW Racing 2015 deco too.

    And I really like the Escort in white more than the blue (sorry F&F fans, the white just looks better to me).

    And I'm liking that teal/aqua '62 Chevy truck a bit more than the previous yellow.

  2. The fact that the Lancia hasn't been released in the original racing livery leads me to believe that may be some rights issues they can't sort out. Regardless, it's a must buy for my collection.

  3. I wouldnt say the 180sx is over hyped, I think the casting is loooong over due. we needed one of those as enthusiast of real cars more than we needed a fiat 500, or the tailgater truck things, or the chevy sonic. or almost any car for the past 8 years.
    it was funny how matel was so quick to throw out a civic back in 2001, during the hay day of muscle car hype with mattel, but the mid 90s jdm community has gotten no real love since. the demand has always been there, they were just slow to catch on. I think they should seriously remake the s15, and z32 while they are at it, and maybe add, the s14, and a more stock rx7 fd, or fc.

  4. I dunno, the Fiat 500 is one of my favorite HW castings and I've been eagerly awaiting the Polizia version. I'd love to see more non-exotic euro stuff to balance out all the JDM stuff lately (which I love) and the traditional muscle car / hot rod designs.

  5. I think that the 180X isn't over hyped for the car itself, but because of the JDM maniacs, notice the semi-openned headlights. I want it because I love the car, it isn't in its tampo-ed form yet, and the casting is decent. From this case/batch I want almost nothing.
    The Nissan 180X as described above, the Toyota Off-Road, simple casting, but currently better than Off-Track which has been butchered few times, the 62 Custom Chevy, the Lancia Stratos, the Ollie Rocket and the Ford Escort are a maybe, but I'll probably take them, the Tread Air, I the store I came last time, there were 3 regular T-Hunts, Paradigm Shift, Time Tracker and Mad Splash, all 3 bad IMO, maybe when I come there once Q Case arrive in the humble city I live, it will be there too.

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