New Greenlight, including Hot Pursuit and Black Bandit, is now out at Wheel Collectors…

It is always enjoyable to report that new Greenlight is out.  And that is the case now, as Wheel Collectors just got a huge pallet.

The cool thing?  There is a little for everyone.  For me, Hot Pursuit.  I have never considered myself a police collector, but there is something about the police liveries and the cars used.  And like Matchbox in the $1 range, Greenlight seems to have it figured out in the more collector-aimed range. And this set is no exception.  The Bronco, Custom Ford, and the Charger and Ford Interceptors are all must-haves for me.

For others it might be Black Bandit.  Seeing these castings in straight black is such a cool idea, and I can see why there are passionate collectors of this line.  Same with the HD Truck series.  The TLV trucks have become favorites of mine, and these could grow on me as well.

You can see all the new Greenlight, including Green Machines, here:

Greenlight at Wheel Collectors

And if you want to wait to grab these at your local store, don’t want on this Hobby Exclusive ’72 VW Type 2 Campmobile that is pictured above.  This will not be in stores, and to me is the best model of the whole batch.  Even the Green Machine is a looker:

Lots to like…

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  1. Hot Pursuit 17 will have a black Georgia State Patrol slicktop '67 Ford along with a Maui Police Crown Victoria, North Pole (AK) Police Ford Interceptor Sedan, Navy Pier Security Ford Interceptor Utility as well as a US Forest Service '15 F-150 and a Silverado police demonstrator pickup.

    That USFS F-150 will do nicely next to the USFS Ram 1500…

  2. Now to also wait and see what HP18 will offer. But all I can tell so far is that HP17 will be a good Christmas gift for those who like it…

    That aside, the newer Motor World series already have the R35 GT-R.

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