That’s more like it: 2016 Hot Wheels Kaido 260Z has been unveiled…

This might look slightly familiar.

If you follow Hot Wheels Designer Jun Imai’s Instagram feed, you have definitely seen something like this.  In fact, you have seen the actual car that this Hot Wheels model is based on, Jun’s 260Z kaido racer.

Or this might look similar to a red model that showed up on our favorite Brazilian website last week. Those darn factory customizers!  Knowing that this was Jun’s car, it seemed logical that it would debut in blue, so that other model was a little fishy.

Well, here it finally is, in all its glorious correctness.  Following in the footsteps of Jun Imai’s mini Datsun Wagon, his kaido racer is now making its way to the 2016 Hot Wheels mainline this fall/winter.  And now that we can see it in its proper color with its proper shoes, it looks amazing.

This should be a hit with many collectors, and it definitely adds to Jun’s design arsenal.  I am still waiting for a miniature version of Steve-in-Accounting’s Kia Sorento, or Judy-in-HR’s Hyundai Sonata, but it looks like the designers carry a bit more clout.  Don’t say that to Linda in Admin, as she keeps saying someone promised to release a miniature version of her ’06 Honda CR-V.  She is still waiting…

I guess I can let this Z tide me over for a bit.  I just don’t know if Barry in Mattel Legal will be happy that his Sunfire still is without a miniature version, now that Jun has two.

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  1. I still cant get over the fact that it didnt get the full gnose treatment with the headlight covers/lense, I am glad you chose the full side shot , and not the front 3/4 angle like that leaked on last week, that angle makes it look a bit froggy. still non the less great looking car, glad to see it out, I wonder what the next color of it will be. kep up the killer work Jun

  2. Man, I wish they'd release a plain stock S30, but at least this one is better than the existing 240z casting. The same-size wheels go a long way toward making it look better

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