Mystery solved: Is the Hot Wheels Fiat 500 a Treasure Hunt or not?

We have spent a couple of posts on the mysterious appearance of the Treasure Hunt logo on the card of the Fiat 500 Police car.  We even dug deep trying to find the logo in the stripe on the deco.

The Rogue Hog is the Treasure Hunt in this batch, but the logo also appeared on the Fiat.  Yet the Fiat was showing up 2 to 3 per case, obviously suggesting is wasn’t.  Could it be that the Fiat was supposed to be a TH but was pulled?  Or is this something new the Hot Wheels is doing?

It has obviously attracted the attention of collectors, as we have seen Instagram posts of folks picking up every Fiat they have found, assuming it is something special.

So what is the answer?

I got the answer from a contact at Mattel, and it is riveting:

We solved the Fiat mystery and the answer isn’t very interesting. It was added inadvertently to the card and no one caught it.

There it is.  Exciting eh?

So it isn’t a Treasure Hunt.  But then again, it appears every model in the back has the logo on the card, so I can we say it actually is?  That is up to you.  I open everything, and base my collection on the models I like, so it matters little to me.  But if having the logo means you want to buy them all, have at it.  It isn’t a TH on Mattel’s list, but it can be on yours…

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  1. So although this has been settled there is much to be asked about this “misprint”.
    As shown is the “US card” however the international release (with just a “circle-flame” logo) [] kinda imply that the Fiat was supposed to be a TH release but pulled out the last minute in favor of the hog or there was a major screw-up on the print order.

    I'm not familiar with Mattel's process but I do assume that the international and the US go to different areas of printing. If so, the reason why I think that the “intent” on the Fiat TH was clear until somebody made the last stop.

  2. Hi, I have this nice car and I thing the HW logo is at the end of the yellow line, above the back tire.
    Is a stylized logo.

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