Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels International Q Case…

The last case of the year.  Do you feel sad?

Probably not, as we all move on to the next case, especially since the mystery of what is coming in 2016 starts soon.  But enough of that, let’s stay with the Q case.

Funny that opening this Q case means we are now one year removed from the frenzy that was the Datsun 510 Wagon Super TH.  Funny to look back on that time, which doesn’t seem like that long ago considering the frenzy is essentially continuing.

This year, the Q Case may not have the Wagon’s equivalent, but it does have a gorgeous Super TH and a new model that may be the most hyped since the Wagon.  And the case is bursting with other goodies.

So as always, to give you as idea of what is inside, we asked our friends at Wheel Collectors to randomly pick a case and document its opening.  So let’s get to it.

Here is the Q case, opened and pulled 3-by-3.  Enjoy:

There are a few things that stand out with this case.

First, no Super, but that isn’t a surprise.  Wheel Collectors did pull one in another case:

The real surprise is that there is only one 180SX in the case, and that was the same for every case.  That is a real bummer.  My guess is more will be in the A Case, but starting out in low numbers per case isn’t great for all the folks that want one or a thousand.

Other than that, this case is loaded.  Tons of good stuff, a bit of junky stuff, but that is to be expected. I will happily keep the Toyota, Scion, both Nissans, the Escort, Tesla, and on and on…

What will you keep?

11 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels International Q Case…”

  1. Will buy: 180SX and Escort RS in first place. If I am still hungry, will continue with the Subaru and NSX.
    That Lancia stratos made me curious, but the tampo sobered me. A red plain body version, or a more realistic rallyish livery would make it a huge hit, especially in europe, where these cars are treated as one of the biggest rally legend from the era before the banned monster group B cars. That would be a nice improvement from Hot Wheels making these cars on the same way as they do with the escort RS. Sure they have a lots of similar great castings which would gain top attention amongst the ones who like Matchbox's realism and HW's colorfulness. But who would drive a rally legend with huge Hot Wheels logo on the side? Not many.
    Mad Manga, and FIAT is not bad either, but won't buy them, I have two of their previous version, the FIAT in pearl white, and the purple manga, both better and enough for me to own.
    No interest about the rest at all.

  2. I'd still would like to be able to purchase the die cast BMW bikes,Fiat cop cars (since they're marked polizia I'm aware that that's the Italian translation of police) and perhaps the die cast Bi Focals II.

  3. I almost want one from each photo, I don't collect many fantasy models, but I find the Power Surge a little Star Wars-ish, will be nice to fill a spot for the expensive movie theme here, few recolors, the awesome tampo-ed Subaru BRAT, be the lucky one that grab the 180X and hopping not only to at least find the regular version of the Toyota Truck, but, also, with those new wheels, that fit it very well, take example the Aero Pod, some had those wheels some the ones seem in the photos.

  4. Also I still want the '96 Nissan and now I'm giving thought to the Project Speeder (has a nice touch of blue but in a way it's too bad that it's not in the form of a police car like I initially thought it was.)

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