As is the Custom for August 23rd is now up on the Lamley Customs Blog, and a request…

Just a heads up that Customs Editor Luke has just posted this week’s As is the Custom, and you can find it here:

As is the Custom on Lamley Customs

There are some fantastic pieces, to be sure to visit.

We are also making a request.  We have heard from many of you, and we agree:

Lamley Customs needs some variety.  For example, JDM is a hot bed right now, but I am starting to sense a “Jump the Shark” problem forming.  We don’t want to overexpose one portion of our fantastic car culture, even if it is yours and my favorite.  While it is more about the talent, and we will always show well-done works, no matter the casting.  Just look at Ricky Silverio’s 240Z above.  It is breathtaking, and my favorite custom this week.  I would show that every week.  But, we have heard from a lot of you that you can only see so many Datsun Wagons, Hakosuka Skylines, and Kool Kombis.  My guess is the 180SX will be the next custom must-do.

And by ALL MEANS, take on that 180SX!  We want to see you ideas, and we will post ALL of them we feel merit some attention.  I personally cannot wait to see the output.  But on top of that, let’s push variety.  If you know of a customizer doing other kinds of works, send them our way.  If you are doing other types of cars, don’t be afraid to email them to us.  Take on Matchbox.  Take on muscle.  Take on police and fire.

We would love to see a plethora of vehicle types on the customs blog, and it going to be our goal to get As Is to that point.  Guide us to what is out there.  Email us at with your ideas.  This could be really fun…

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