First Look: The Mr. Fusion Deloreans and the rest of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch H…

Ok, I will admit it.  Those Back to the Future Deloreans are pretty damn cool.

I have probably made too big of a deal about how I am not that into movie cars, unless the movie cars represent a real car.  I love movies, but I am not really into movie replica cars.  Of course I can get behind a few, like Walter White’s Aztek, or the tan Sierra stolen off of Jerry Lundegaard’s car lot, but for the most part I like Retro Entertainment models if they represent real cars.

The BTTF Time Machine is not a real car.  The Delorean is, and Hot Wheels thankfully has done the Delorean.  But there is no denying to overall popularity of the BTTF Delorean, and it would be dumb for Hot Wheels NOT to make it.

So in the past I have just ignored the BTTF cars, but these two Mr. Fusion versions, one in Hover Mode and the other on wheels, are awesome.  In general, Zamacs are awesome, so by default these are two.  Or maybe these just photograph well, and once these get out of my photo light, they will be easier to toss to the side.  Ulimately, if you are a BTTF fan, and you like the replicas, you will love these.

Maybe as much as I love the Toyota 2000GT.  I have featured it before, so no need to write more (It’s a beauty!).

That leaves two others.  The ’67 Camaro is gorgeous, and is bound to be very popular in such a clean color and design.  The Fast & Furious Charger is still what it always was, with what appears to be a few more details.  It looks good, but considering another model could have taken its place, I don’t know why it was done.

This is a really nice batch.  Nothing too cartoony, outside of that flying car…

(Find Retro Batch H at Wheel Collectors, and look at all the listings, as they have customized a few listings for those that just want the BTTF cars and nothing else…)

7 Replies to “First Look: The Mr. Fusion Deloreans and the rest of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch H…”

  1. In my area, all that is here at Walmart are leftover Zoolander Broncos, Anchorman Dodges, and Beverly Hills Mustangs.

    Most of what I've ever wanted in Retro Entertainment is in these batches, so it is irritating that Walmart won't move the pegwarmers to the clearance aisle to make room for these more recent batches. I wish Walmart would to that to the pegwarmers, regardless if it's a $1 mainline Matchbox or Hot Wheel or even a premium line anything.

    The 2000GT looks the best to me!

  2. You might live in my my area! Almost exactly the way it was at a local WM I visited this morning; Retro Broncos and Mustangs hanging around too – sometimes maybe Karate Kid or Simon and Simon cars.
    I noticed some Retro castings or other lines like the rest of Cool Classics, will stick around and I almost never see them on a clearance rack like other toys.
    I never saw batch 'F' (James Bond DB5; Ghostbusters II; BJ and the Bear) anywhere. Not all WM's are created equal unfortunately!
    Luckily I found an Emergency! vehicle; funny.. The Close Encounters Ford looks great, but as a casting on it's own without the ladder and hardware would look awesome.

  3. C'mon they can fool the kids but they cant fool me!. The finish on the Delorean is absolutely Nasty!. Looks like Mattel produced it in zamac to represent the stainless steel look, I understand that but the finished product is brutal for an adult collectible. Look at how cheap and textured the finish is. Should have either painted it silver or chromed it.

  4. Redline Club on the other hand absolutely nailed down this casting to perfection except the wheels on this version are appropriate and the redlines are not. How the hell does that work?.

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