My Five Favorite Matchbox Castings, Part 3: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Police…

Two features in less than a month.  It has to be a record.

At least you get a new set of photos.

I said I would rank my Top 5 Matchbox, and even though I showcased this one at the end of July, here it is again.  The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Police is another no-brainer Top 5 for me, and a lot of you appear to have known that.  It was one of the most mentioned castings among your guesses.

And that makes sense, considering that feature was fresh on your minds, as is the fact that I dropped a decent handful of dollars on the prepro at the Matchbox Gathering.  The previous article already explained why I like this model so much, but in a nutshell:

  • It is a near-perfect casting.
  • It is a creative casting choice.  Evo + Police.
  • It represents overseas police forces.
  • It is – surprise – a Japanese car, and Matchbox needs to do more Japanese cars.
The actual Evo is a car I love, but more in the “entire Japanese car spectrum” way.  But because the Evo is a police car, it puts it over the top.  The Evo is cool, the Evo Police is a stand-out.  It is a unique and appropriate Matchbox.  Matchbox owns the police side of the $1 diecast world, and because of that I want a police car in my Top 5.  And even with models I love like the Crown Vic, Monaco, and even the brand new M5, this one takes the cake.
Anyone surprised with this choice?

The 3 faves so far.

7 Replies to “My Five Favorite Matchbox Castings, Part 3: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Police…”

  1. I like the casting, but I do not really collect police cars. I have one of these in my collection, because it is an EVO, One thing I do not understand is why they did not make the street version too. Is it about licencing matter? That plain version would be my real favourite one. White body, no any tampoes only on the lights, matte black hood and black 5 spoke rims like on the alfa 4C. Splendid.

  2. I know hot wheels made the street version, and I have one of those too, but that car is just not well proportioned to me, matchbox is closer to my like. Not all bad, maybe a smaller wheel size and fender arch would solve it.

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