Lamley is contractually obligated to show the Hot Wheels Hakosuka Skyline whenever a new version comes out.

Its counterpart, the Kenmeri, will be out soon, with the same racing livery, only reversed, so we will give both the full treatment when we have both.

For now, our obligations have been met.

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  1. Why cant Mattel put those wheels on all vintage body style casting of the 60's and 70's era?. Please someone, anyone tell me why. There is no way it would change the costs of production at the factory. These wheels just seem more era correct than most all other wheel variations. Im pretty certain nobody would complain if these wheels showed up on the Bluebird or Datsun 510 wagon or pick up.

  2. I can see the point made about putting the basic wheels on certain vehicles from the 60's and 70's era. One example on the top of my head was the Ferrari P4 from the 2012 Ferrari 5 pack.
    I noticed the 'painted on' lines on the new vehicles from the new “Redline” series. The true redlines had what appeared to have a groove in the tire and was then painted in. The new versions look to have a line tampo'd right on the smooth sidewall (no groove) ~ it also looks like the line has a wrinkled finish to it.
    Oh well.

  3. Most North American vehicles of the 70's, specificaly muscle cars of the era. When I go to thrift shops and yard sales I keep an eye out for Hot Wheels cars of the same era and buy them strictly for these style wheels if there still in decent shape and I will use them on newer castings of vintage vehicles from Hot Wheels or Matchbox. They just seem period correct for older body styles in an era where Cragar mags owned the roads.

  4. I actually found one in a local store, and boy am I glad. I'd never have ordered one online going by any pics, but man, they are really neat looking cars in person!

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