Hot Wheels Batch Q, the final 2015 Zamacs, and the first 2016 models have all been unveiled…

Here is just a tad bit of news.

Our favorite Texas seller yesterday just posted the contents of the 2015 Hot Wheels Q case, and a lot was unveiled.

First off, we know how 2015 will end.  We already knew the Toyota Race Truck would be the Super TH, and now we know the Tread Air will be the Regular.  We also get our first glimpse at the final batch of Zamacs in 2015, the Surf Crate and two Dodges, the Viper and Challenger.  Maybe not the most exciting group of Zamacs, but Mopar fans have to be a little happy.

And any lack of excitement with the TH’s and Zamacs is made up with the New Models.  Two of the surprisingly most-anticipated New Models of 2015 make an appearance, the Nissan 180SX Type X and the recolored Ford Escort RS1600.  It is nice to see the Escort without its Fast and Furious duds, and we have already made known how much we can’t wait for the Nissan.

Lastly, our first dive into 2016.  We have already seen a couple of models previewed, but now we have a better idea on the new cardbacks.  They are fantastic.  Still clean, but the little illustration next to the name of each subset is a really nice addition.  And how cool is the C10?

You can see all the models by following the link here:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch Q

What are must-haves for you?

10 Replies to “Hot Wheels Batch Q, the final 2015 Zamacs, and the first 2016 models have all been unveiled…”


    2. The Evasive ZN6 and C7 look spiffy, but damn the Sileighty's just the star of this batch.

    3. Wow, orange Huracan. Neat enough.

    4. Gimme the ordinary race truck please. I like it.

    5. 934. Falken. Oh yeah!

  2. I admire the die cast '96 Nissan so much so that it be nice to be able to purchase it and when I clicked on the content of the 2015 Hot Wheels Q Case (well something like that) I was impressed and therefore hope to purchase a blue Backdraft though it may only be available sometime by 2016 and on a side note at a local grocery store that sells Hot Wheels I was able to purchase black GT Hunters,D-Muscles and Cadillac Elmirajs over the weekend.

  3. I am so excited that they decided to make a Dodge Viper Zamac car! On top of it I enjoy how it is the Speed Hunters Dodge Viper. The Challenger is like a nice extra treat and I will probably go out for a surf crate.

    Out of the batch, yeah i cant wait for the toyota off road truck, the Nissan 180sx, and the lancia stratos (WTF that come from?). There is a car in this batch but not pictured that I am “somewhat” interested in. At first the Ollie Rocket didnt seem like much to me but then I noticed on the side there was a Make a Wish logo. Whats the story on that car?

    And lastly I kinda like the new 2016 cards (not much difference but oh well), and other than the porsche, im not really interested in the other cars. But I am sure 2016 is going to come out with nice models soon. Heard there was going to be a Hudson Hornet 😀

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