Just Released: Kyosho Volkswagen Collection 2…

So what is the coolest VW?

The Beetle is almost too iconic.  The Bus/Samba/Transporter/Kombi is almost too cool.  It could very well be the Ghia.  I actually think it is the Golf, old and new.

And that is why I am very excited about the latest from Kyosho, VW Collection 2.  Kyosho has put together an array of models, many classic, and thankfully they have gone heavy on the Golfs.

Japan Booster let us know that they have them in store, and are trying to relist them as soon as they sell out, and that is proving to be very fast.  Nonetheless, it worth grabbing the models you want now to get them at a good price.  You can find them all at the Japan Booster store:

Kyosho VW2 at Japan Booster

Many of these castings have been done before, but I don’t know how this current set could be beat looks-wise.  Some of our faves:

See what we said about the Golfs?  The GTi could be to hatches what the 510 has been to wagons, and here are two beautiful replicas, each in three colors.

We should have these soon, and will most surely showcase them.  Any you want to see first?  Check out the listings and let us know…

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  1. As European, hot hatches (GTIs) are part of our life and heritage, just like muscle cars for the Americans.
    Peugeot 205 GTI, Golf GTI, Renault 5 Turbo, Suzuki swift GTI from the 80’s are all iconic now.
    Cheap to buy, cheap to run and maintain as they are all based on small light shopping cars.
    Nowdays these cars became highly collectable and sought after, and prices of nice exaples are growing fast.
    There are not too many unmolested and low mileage samples left, they been all driven apart by boyracers.
    They follow the idea which Sir Colin Chapman ( founder of Lotus) professed, that you do not need huge and strong engine if you can keep the weight down.
    The recipe is simple, take a small and light car, and put a little sparkle in it.
    Put in a bit stronger and bigger engine, strengthen the brakes, stiffen the suspension, throw a short ratio gearbox in, make the steering direct, bucket seats,
    keep the shings simple and light, and there you have a pocket rocket with loads of fun and huge smile factor every time.
    These cars biggest virtue is in the well sorted and balanced components. Real performance comes out not only from the engine, but from all parts together as one unit.

    About the kyosho itself, my favourite is the MK1 GTI Golf. I have the 1st edition in my collection, if you take a magnifier, you will discover how many details been put in this small „box”
    The detailed grill, the readable and sharp GTI badge tampo on the front and back, the groove in the headlamps, the multicolored tail lights.
    That is what impresses me the most, and this GTI was the model which dedicated me to kyosho 1/64 many years ago.

    Kyosho, please make more iconic hot hatch cars, there are many of them from different car manufacturers, not only VW, but french, japanese and others from the 80’s up to nowdays.

  2. Or the Lotus cortina, which is not exactly a hatchback, but same building principle.
    Also the Autobianchi A112 abarth. Both from much earlier then the well known GTI era.

    Mazda 323 GTR, nissan sunny GTI-R, Ford XR models, and a lot more.

  3. Agree with you ! With the upcoming distribution of Kyosho models by Solido in France (so in Europe ?), Kyosho will probably come out a collection of Classic French Cars…

  4. Based on my experience trying to hunt down the GT from the first series is that the later Golf's are way more popular. The 70's version can be found all day long but the R32 rarely shows up for sale.

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