First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Toyota 2000GT Roadster…

So where to start on this one?

The obvious place to start is the fact that this is not based on a real car.  The Toyota 2000GT Roadster was never a production car.  A normal 2000GT was turned into a convertible for a James Bond flick because Sean Connery was too tall for the car.  So in that sense, this model is more like KITT or the Back to the Future Delorean than any other replicas, because it is based on a real car, but modified enough to be unique to the movie or TV show it was in.

But let’s be honest, that is interesting in a film-buff way only, and this is a toy car blog.  From a replica standpoint, this is a must-have model.  And it is still a surprise to see it as a Hot Wheels car.

It has been awhile, but think about how much of a surprise the Toyota 2000GT was when it debuted in the mainline as a Super Treasure Hunt.  As far as I know, that is the first model to debut as a Super.  It was supposed to be its mainline debut only, as it was slated to be part of the final batch of Hot Wheels Racing, but the that batch was cancelled.  (It has become Hot Wheels lore.  The lineup in that final batch was all JDM, and was stellar.)  Thankfully the tool was done, and it was moved forward into the mainline.

JDM was just starting to heat up in the diecast world, and the Toyota’s debut as a Super helped push the scene into the stratosphere.  There were other factors, of course, and it makes for a very interesting story.  One that I will write another time.  But the 2000GT was so out of left field, it surprised a lot of people, and introduced a lot of people to the world of j-tin.

And after a couple of years in the mainline, the casting took this year off, but it is returning with a vengeance.  The release of Roadster is first, followed by the RLC version in Shelby Racing livery later this year.  Methinks we will see more of it later as well.  It is a casting that surely deserves it.

As far as the Roadster goes, this is about as pretty a model as Hot Wheels can do.  It is one of those “should have been a Matchbox” models, along with the Aston Martin DB5.  But it doesn’t matter, because the execution on both models is stellar.  And while Matchbox usually wins the basic wheel competition, they have nothing to batch the beautiful lace real riders.  So, I guess we can throw this in the “Glad this is a Hot Wheels” category.

Retro Entertainment should continue into the next year, and we hope it does if it means more models like this.  The Toyota 2000GT Roadster joins models like the DB5, Dodge Macho Power Wagon, and Ferris’s Ferrari as pinnacle Hot Wheels models.  Models that could end up one-offs, but we wouldn’t miss based on how nice their Retro versions were.  In fact, we haven’t seen the Ferrari 250 California or Macho Power Wagon since, and we really don’t need to.

I would love to see what Hot Wheels does with future versions of the Roadster, but I am more interested in more versions of the hardtop.  This Roadster is a fantastic model, and won’t be topped by anything later.

An easy candidate for Model of the Year…

Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Roadster (2015 Retro Entertainment – James Bond You Only Live Twice):

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  1. Of note, I don't believe that final batch of the 2012 Racing series was supposed to be ALL JDM. There were two cancelled mixes: Rally Racing and I believe SCCA. I do know there were pics of a Shelby Cobra that surfaced, but I'm not sure if that was part of the SCCA(?) or the planned and also cancelled 30 car set. Plus the '63 Corvette that was in the final mix of Boulevard was actually supposed to be in that SCCA(?) mix. Due to the Racing line being cancelled, they were apparently contractually obligated to release that Corvette somewhere, so it went to 2013 Boulevard.
    I know that Rally mix alone was going to be one hell of a winner. Too bad the HWC forums changed, not sure I could back search for the post from HWC Van regarding those 2 mixes.

    Anyway, to this 2000GT Roadster…

    I am a little surprised the mirrors didn't stay for this casting. Some of the proportions seem different from the normal 2000GT as well. Still, it is indeed a very nice casting based on the pics. And this is still one of the VERY few castings I feel those specific RRs work on.

  2. Yeah, HWC Van stated at the time it was SCCA and Rally. The ones he specifically referenced were the 2000GT (Shelby) and 240Z (Safari Rally), I assume the Renault 5 as well was slated for the Rally mix.

    It's really too bad the forums were not archived. A ton of good info has been lost.

  3. I haven't seen this model in person yet and it looks to be a very unique piece, but… when the Shelby Racing RLC version debuts it will take top honor as a strong contender for Model of the Year!!!

  4. great casting but horrible tail lights. It looks so lo-def it hurts. It is acceptable for a mainline but for a premium model this is just a big no. I will stick with my Johnny Lightning version for now.

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