Just Unveiled: The upcoming licensed Matchbox models for 2015…

We aren’t done with the coverage of the Matchbox Gathering.  We have showcased the upcoming 2016 New Models, the Best of the World Premium series, and now it is time to dive into the current year.

With all the back and forth we have had on Matchbox – and it seems no other diecast brand brings out more passion, good or bad – there have actually been some really nice releases.  I think most would agree that the Tesla has been the cream of the crop this year, but there has been a lot of love for the Porsche Cayman S, Lambo LM002, and BMW M5 Police, to name a few.  That is a good thing.

And there is more coming.  The folks from the Matchbox Design Team not only brought 3D renderings of upcoming 2016 models, but they brought near-complete or totally complete examples from the 2015 lineup.

We won’t bore you with all the details, and the photos will show you all you need to know, but concentrate on a couple of things.  One, the abundance of models with front and rear tampos.  Two, the realistic proportions.  Golden Age-esque once again.  There are unique models like the Cadillac Presidential Limo (The Beast), which is bound to super popular.  There are realistic street models like the Jeep Cherokee, and classic models like the Jeep Willys Pickup, and sports cars like the Jaguar F-Type.  Many of you are bound to happy to see the much-anticipated and oft-delayed Range Rover Evoque finally being developed.

Matchbox has a long way to go to return to glory, but the buzz is starting to spread.  Japanese Nostalgic Car picked up the news on the new JDM models, and we have been seeing more and more excitement about where Matchbox is headed on social media networks.  People are talking, and guess what?  The new Matchbox Team is listening.

This may be a great time to be a Matchbox collector…

Upcoming Matchbox 2015 New Models:

24 Replies to “Just Unveiled: The upcoming licensed Matchbox models for 2015…”

  1. That Willys pickup makes me happy. The contractor's pickup and The Beast aren't far behind. I do wonder if I can throw the interior and window piece from the Hot Wheels 2015 Ford F-150 into the contractor's pickup as a custom…but a perfect fit is probably too much to ask.

  2. After yesterday's, Generic fest……………….. WOW, at last, matchbox can still provide stunning diecast, now they need to drop the quantity from 120, back to 75, shift out some of the generics and off roaders, and produce more of these – The EVOQUE is great, the Jag is stunning, That Jeep Cherokee, could not be more spot on if they tried and the Limo, well, i know it is a very limited prospect colour wise, but it's great, The classic jeep and F-150, although not my cup of tea are great too.

    I am very surprised that considering the Evoque was supposed to be released years ago, they still have not finished a prepro version, they must have really screwed up the model for it to still not be completed now.

  3. Lovin' the Jaguar and the Cherokee, and the Presidential Limo would be great if we had a better guy to ride in it, but that Willys pickup… WOW! That one was knocked out of the park. I hope it's reissued in many colors in the near future, because I'll want a bunch of them. Hopefully without distracting tampos. Then, they can follow it up with a Willys station wagon, at more of a stock ride height. Basically, I'm thrilled that Matchbox is recovering from the spate of made-up vehicles that has plagued them over the past several years.

  4. They aoll look good, even if none of them are my favourite cars. Maybe I will buy the JAG, the limo the new cherokee and evoque, just to color my collection with.

  5. Looking forward to all of these. Might be a long wait though. We have just got up to the crop sprayer and mine dumper.

    Does the beast have an interior? How does it compare to other models?

    Thanks for posting these.


  6. WOW, the Willys and Beast are awesome! They are must buys and I cant wait for them! The Cherokee looks like a nice model but I will reserve to buy until I see it in stores.

  7. Wow. Its safe to say that Matchbox is definitely putting out some pretty awesome castings at the moment. And they're really well done. Looks like the F-Type will be the full-blown Coupe R V8. Glad to see the Range Rover finally being done. Even the Ford truck is accurate. Good one, Matchbox!

  8. That is a DAMN good lineup. I will be purchasing several of each. The F-type will make a great canvas for customs of all kinds and is just beautiful. Can't wait!

  9. Geez that sucks! Rather ironic since Matchbox is headquartered in your country but this is something I would expect (but of course not be content about) in Canada where I reside.Having mentioned that Canadian retailers or at least certain retailers in my country are far behind in receiving up to date Matchbox vehicles if you know what I'm talking about.Oh yeah since you mentioned the Tesla and the Alfa Romeo 4C those vehicles or at least the Alfa Romeo is a must have and finally and although the waiting is hard you may have better luck close to the end of the year to find those Matchbox vehicles you desire somewhere in your state.

  10. Finally Matchbox “truly” developed the Cadillac One Limo or also known as The Beast.I've basically been after this vehicle since I first discovered it on-line but unfortunately enough I may have to wait awhile. Wish me luck someone!

    Slightly off topic I still wonder if Matchbox will develop this generic Beach Buggy that's supposed to be released for the 2015 line up. My attitude is if Matchbox develops it it will develop it but if it doesn't develop the vehicle it won't do so so either way I'll accept it (no offense to those who “crave” that generic vehicle.)

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