An Early Look at the upcoming 2016 Matchbox New Models…

Coming off the Matchbox Gathering weekend, there is so much to write about the brand, and where it is going.  To be honest, the direction of the brand might be as wide open as it has been in awhile.  There are new folks at the helm, a new division that watches over the brand, and a new sense of transparency to what is happening.  It is actually kind of exciting.  
A lot of times we talk about the brand returning to what it has been, and I for one have said it a lot.  But after spending some time with the folks in charge, it is less about returning and more about going somewhere new.  There can be a refreshing look at Matchbox’s heritage, but also a fresh direction created that would excite customers and collectors.
I will get into a bit more later, as I think I will be writing about Matchbox a lot in the coming months.  Plus, Larry Scaduto’s final Ambassador Report is due soon, and we will let him share his thoughts.
But enough about what I think.  Let’s look at some new models!
We start in this post with what is coming in 2016.  Most are 3D prints, but a few have advanced in production.  A slew of 3D prints means many of these models could see small or large modifications before they actually hit the pegs.  But rest assured the models are coming.
First off, the Matchbox Team shared this small poster, listing all the new models for 2016 (click on it for a larger view):
Keep in mind, almost all of these decisions were made prior to the new team coming on.  There is a lot that follows that off-road generics theme that may or may not annoy you, but there are a few to get excited about as well.
Notable model #1 around here is…wait for it…the 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X.  Big surprise, eh?  This is exciting news for the JDM set, in that Matchbox is going the stock street version route.  Maybe a higher stance, standard-type wheels (MB discs or trispokes maybe?), and no bolt-on flares.  It will be a perfect compliment to Hot Wheels’ GT-R version.  Sadly, that model is in early development and was not ready to be brought to the Gathering.  
Many are also excited for the new Volvo Wagon (also not ready for a preview), 2016 Mazda Miata, VW Transporter Crew Cab, 2015 Corvette Police, and yes, the ’68 Ford “Mudstang”.  Don’t just lump that last one in the “dumb off-road model” category.  With the plethora of Mustangs that have already been done by so many brands, this is a wonderful new model.  Because Mud Flaps.
The Matchbox Team was able to provide previews of all but four 2016 models, and they were nice enough to let me come in with a makeshift photo studio and shoot them all.  I am just going to post what I shot, and you can cross reference them with the poster above.  Enjoy the photos, and let us know what you think…
(And if you see blue stickum under some of the models, that is just what was used for the display at the Gathering.)

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  1. I dont really like how the off road camper and the x ray truck are fantasy models instead of the real versions show in the pictures, otherwise great things to look forward cant wait for the skyline and the dodge police which they should so go cali hwp

  2. Another VW pick up, more generics, Another Mustang (i wont say what i think of that), NO BRITISH, at least we have The awesome looking 300C – THIS MUST BE DONE IN BLACK, to go with the presidential Limo (Will that ever come out?), The MX-5, Please not in Mazda Red, the release every car in that colour, the Volvo, cant wait for that, i just hope it is a better seller than the awesome little C30, i loved that casting, The Tranny, this has so many options, far more than the Renault, i hope it gets hundreds of variations over the coming years.

    What is with the Train ? you need trucks to go with it, or will that be the sum total of 2017's line up, various train trucks (he he he), boats and planes, or boatplanes, what about planeboats, no ta..

    ANOTHER FIRE TRUCK, REALLY – Come on give it a rest, how about a UK police car, or a French Police car, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and so on, There was a release from mattel a bit ago, that CLEARLY stated that they would NOT copy models from Blue to Orange, well, that was lies, Tesla, Corvette, Mustangs, Jags etc, but another new Corvette, please stop it, I know the HW versions are great, but how can the MBX be any better ? The Nissan, is not my cup of tea, but i am sure it will be a great stock model, but again, another version of a HW model – there have been 100,000's of thousands of makes and models released over the years, why copy your own company – (Cost savings no doubt)

    So for me this next year i will be looking to get out of the 25 new castings.

    #1-Chrysler 300C (As many as i can get)
    #2-Mazda MX-5 (Multiple)
    #3-Ford Transit (Multiple)
    #4-Volvo V60 (Many many of these)
    #5-VW Transporter (multiple)
    #6-Corvette (will look at first-just 1)
    #7 Dodge Ram Police (defo a multiple buy)
    #8-Nissan Skyline (Just two)

    No, sorry i gotta say it — That Mudstang ——– NOOOOOO, Poo, rubbish, hideous, not right, ghastly offending, vile, nasty, and id i say, i don't like it… LOL….

    But the ones i have chosen for me, i have to say they have excelled, I would rather they stuck to those, dumped the rest, and gave us a few re releases of older licenced cars, or better tampo's on current licenced – they go on about the cost, but that's a load of bull…

    We pay in the UK anything up to a couple of pounds, that's over $3.00, yet the US pays 89¢ or there abouts, we don't pay any tax on “children's Toys” either, so someone is making lots of money, and as they only cost a few cents each to produce, there is a vast markup, so to spend an extra cent or two on better paint or tampo, surely they can absorb that, and give us some stunning models without the need to call them Best of the World and charge $4.00 or £2.50+,, If Majorette and other brands can do it, why can't Mattel ?

    Overall 7/10 – Too many generics, again, but looking forward to the ones that are real, and can be seen on my street…..

  3. Good news about Matchbox! But not all.
    There is also a lack of senior management ideas and designers … or thirsty lovers of miniatures … like me!
    I noticed the poster that the Off-road Camper has a photograph of a Jeep Warangler but when I looked at the prototype was a generic …. why not use the model already produced and announced on the poster? Use the 2005 MBX 102 Jeep Wrangler Superlift for the job? As this example but I noticed other's from the poster that I recognize easily to see them on the roads but their prototypes very diferrent …
    I loved the Ford transit and I will buy but hopefully produce the same model without being News Van … Quel such an ambulance (English, Portuguese, police) or the new M-Sport Transit …. fully road legal just does not conflict with the policy of Matchbox.
    Here is the idea:
    The new VW T2, Volvo and Crhysler are not. I love the new Miata (MX5 in my country) and hope to extend the range for the new FIAT Spyder made in the same car. Speaking of Fiat Abrarth what about 500? It is a Street road legal version.
    Continuing why not a new Range Rover?
    They want ideas for new explorers? Here's a new one: “the NOROADER”: or brochure
    For this Noroader could use Mbx Desert Thunder V16

    My ideas / Wish List for 2016/2017, all in road version though the names may fool you!
    KTM 450 Rally Replica
    KTM X-Bow
    Lancia Delta
    Lancia S4
    2015 Ford Mondeo
    2014/2015 Ford S-Max
    2015 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport
    Noroader 6×6
    Ariel Nomad
    Ariel Atom
    Ariel Ace
    Audi Q5
    2015 Audi R8
    1969 MGB GT
    Queen 2005 Bentley State Limousine
    Bentley Falcon
    Bentley Mulsanne
    2015 Jaguar F Type
    VW Crafter
    Rolls Royce Phantom GLC
    BWM I3
    BMW I8
    2015 BMW CSL
    and the cherry on the top of the cake is:
    2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
    Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe
    Mercedes-Benz G-Class 500 4×4 ^ 2 or Mercedes-Benz G-Class 6×6

    One question: Where walks the Caddilac ONE and the Land Rover LR4?
    Tanks for the time and sorry about the extension of my words….
    Best Regasds to all

  4. That Stingray is NICE! If it turns out as polished as the Tesla, it will be the winner model in the comparison for sure. As nice as HW's version is, it still comes
    with huge rear wheels and questionable quality tooling and painting.

  5. Once again I will be buying fewer MBX in the coming year [other than the new Best of series announced]. The generics [except for the airport bus [I love buses] just don't do anything for me and I am also bored with so many fire engines.
    But some of the new real car castings are a good step in the right direction.

  6. Bit of a curate's egg. Love the VW Doka. With knobbly wheels it could be a Syncro version and open up a wider range of liveries.

    Love the Aqua car. Hope it turns out nice.

    The drain cleaner, tipper, camper and half track look a bit over done and need the volume turning down.

    The 6×6 truck looks quite nice for a desert/oilfield tractor.

    The cars – even the mustang look good. Hope to see them in the shops – but we are way behind in the UK. Tomicas and welly are easier to get via a well known auction house – and for more reasonable prices that many U.S. Sellers charge when post is included. Chris

  7. I have mixed feelings about this line-up. The model choices are very good but the way they are executed are not. The only cars I'm interested in are the Nissan Skyline, Dodge Ram, Volvo V60, Corvette, Chrysler 300, Mazda MX5 and thats it. So, out of 24 models only 6 are my cup of tea.

    But never mind that. There is a bigger problem than that. I really appreciate MBX making the Corvette and the Volvo but please don't ruin those by making the C7 a police car and putting carriers on the Volvo. Thats the worst thing you can do to those cars. It was fine in the old days when the light bars or other extra parts were removable so if you wanted a street car you just rip them out. But now, even that can't be done because of the stupid ****ed up “4 piece limit”. Sorry, but I do not want a police C7 or a V60 with carriers on top.

    Anyway, apart from that, the proportions of the Mazda are off. The wheels are “slightly” big and the wind shield is too low and further back. Its not like that on the real thing. I understand this is pre-pro stuff so I really hope that Matchbox will fix that.

    So the only model that is perfect and doesn't need changing is the Chrysler 300. I hope the first version is gloss black with chrome wheels because thats the best colour it could debut in. Well done on that, Matchbox!

  8. I love all of the licensed models that I've seen and will probably pick up all of them (with the exception of the Mustang), including the ones that were not pictured. As far as the non-licensed models are concerned, the airport bus looks great, as does the vertical excavator and the Zamboni. I am glad to see that Matchbox is finally making non-licensed models that look realistic again.

    Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I kind of think that the MB team decided to produce a bunch of these big wheel trucks as a big “F*** you!” to the collectors that didn't like the idea to begin with. Message received and understood guys! Hopefully things go back to the way they were with all non-licensed models looking realistic and worth the collectors' time.

  9. Love the double cab vw T2.5….will be interesting to compare it with the vw transporter ambulance from the '80s. Good to see the latest Transit and 'Vette In the line-up too, remembering how excited I got aged 11 when I found the 1986 'new Ford Transit'….will get the Volvo, mazda and skyline too…

  10. Caddy being released, LR4 cancelled ages ago, NO Mercs as Mattel refuse to put teh hologram on the packaging, Ariel, NO, to limited in geographic sales, F-Type released, NO Rolls Royces, The Bentley Falcon does not exist it is the Bentayga, The RR Evoque is being done, so the other two wont, Lancia, NO, the brand is being wound down and is not that well known outside of Italy, KTM, same there, Bikes and quads are not cars, should not be done by MBX imo, We have the Renault and Transit, why another large Van ?, i3 & i8 are not that exciting, i have small scale of both and neither are that good in miniature, they are too fussy in design to reproduce well.

  11. Tanks for the correction about the Bentley Bentiaga.
    Why a large van? Why a new Corvettre or Why another Mustang? Why? Because they think is the best …. Why a bike? Because they made a Adventure BMW and in 2016 All Terrain Moto Tractor…
    As I said that was my Wish List…. no one have too agree with the list
    Best regards

  12. This is awesome at least with regarding the personal favorites being the locomotive,Mazda Miata,Chrysler 300,Zamboni,airport bus,the yacht and or amphibious vehicle and to some extent the '71 Nissan Skyline and the '90 Volkswagen which I like to purchase.

    However what I can't comprehend is isn't the locomotive supposed to go by the name of “Heavy Freighter” (or something like that) already a finished product but yet not released where it's red colored and is supposed to be a 2015 product instead of a 2016 product? Furthermore I wish Matchbox would do something about distribution issues since Matchbox,like Hot Wheels, is a subsidiary of Mattel so the question is why don't they (especially or at least in Canada where I reside) replenish their products at retailers like Hot Wheels generally does. I've said it before and I'll say it again and that is this is becoming ridiculous that Matchbox isn't doing much regarding distribution issues so therefore if Matchbox officials are reading my comments I wish they can do something about distribution issues and it be awesome if the 2016 vehicles (especially the models that I mentioned) can be released sometime this year however not to sound pessimistic but are the chances of that ever occurring? Finally if Matchbox does its patrons a favor by providing them what they desire than I as a patron can do them a favor by purchasing their desirable products (if you will.)

  13. I will never get the mudstang .Transit looks good ,hope its better than the Reno.The Volvo is nice just hope it's a better seller than that lonely little c30 .The Mazda ,you gotta have a convertible car in the lineup .Another corvette ,give it a rest. I love the 300c a lot of those will be in my shopping bag .Anyone wanna see my wish list .1 Volkswagen Golf mk7 .2 fiat 500 .3 Volkswagen crafter .4 Aston Martin Rapide

  14. Always vowed to get a model of the 2014 Ford Transit when one was available. I'll also be getting the VW Transporter. Hopefully they'll be in nice colours and with the lights painted in?? Another thing: Why do a lot of models as police versions? (Lamborghini Gallardo, BMW 5 Series etc.) I'd enjoy them more as plain civilian versions.

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