First Look: Hot Wheels Simpsons Family Car…

So what’s next?

We have the Homer, and now the Family Sedan, and there has to be more coming.  First thought is obviously the Canyonero, which would be a perfect choice for Simpsons fans, as would Mr. Plow.  (It’s name again, is Mr. Plow.)  But being a wagon aficionado, I hope it is Marge’s people mover.

Now I start with that, because I have said numerous times before, I am not really into character cars.  I like the real stuff, and while I can’t argue at all the appeal of The Homer, and it is understandably a hit among the masses, it just isn’t my cup of tea.  But this family sedan?  I love it.  I really do.

I didn’t think I would.  When Wheel Collectors got the batch, the Simpsons Sedan was more a curiosity than anything I was interested in.  The BTTF Hover car, for example, got its feature on the blog and was then thrown into the donation pile.  Not this one.

It’s cute.  It’s simple.  It may be the most everyday-street-car-oriented casting Hot Wheels has done in awhile.  Just a simple sedan you grew up with.  Kind of funny that a cartoon car might be the most realistic family sedan Hot Wheels has done in awhile.  What was the last one?  The Ford Fusion?

Here is some of the charm.  The pink color of course, but the front and rear tampos look great.  The detail in the interior is really nice too.  The seats actually look comfortable.

I didn’t expect to like this one, but I do.  It is bound to be popular, so I don’t think me liking it changes anything.  But just know I’m a fan.

And that is why I want to see Marge’s Wagon.  If it has the small town classic charm of the sedan, it will be a must-have.

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Hot Wheels Simpsons Family Sedan (2015 New Models):

8 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Simpsons Family Car…”

  1. You know the bywayman with the plow was the perfect car for mr plow but unfortunately they final run'ed it the simpsons cars definitely are popular i hope they keep them coming

  2. Thanks for the breakdown! I would love to see both Mr. Plow and the Family Wagon. This sedan is surprisingly realistic considering that it was from a cartoon. I love the added detail of the crinkle above the front fender….amazing! Kudos to the Hot Wheels designer that did this one.

  3. Okay, I have a confession to make – I never watched The Simpsons personally and neither am I a fan. So I am not even slightly interested in the cars from the show. BUT, this is actually a good model. Even though its generic, it looks realistic to me. That might be the reason I like it. So if I get the chance, I may pick this up.

    I have a question though. Since I never watched the show and don't plan on doing so in the future, will somebody enlighten me on why the front left fender is dented like that?

  4. It's never actually explained why it's dented. Homer never has it fixed though. It is based on a 1964 Plymouth valiant family sedan and according to the Simpson's mechanic, made in Croatia from old tank parts

  5. I was pretty excited for them to release this model, but when I found out it had the dented fender I got even more excited! Mattel hit the nail on the head with this one!

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