First Look: 2015 Matchbox MC Gathering of Friends ’75 Mack CF Pumper Dinner Exclusive…

It has been a great couple of days so far.  I have been able to spend some time with the new Matchbox team, and there are many reasons to be excited about the direction of the brand.  More on that in time, or you can watch the presentation tonight on Periscope (more details on the post below this one).

But now, let’s unveil the first two exclusives being handed out at the Gathering.  Just a couple of minutes ago the two versions of the ’75 Mack CF Pumper Dinner model were unveiled and handed out.  One for the first 75 registrants and one for the other 125.  These models come in small numbers, and are beautiful.  Put those two together and you have some highly desirable models.

Since we want to get to dinner, we will move onto the photos.  The first, with no top tampos, is for the first 75 registrants, the other, with tampos on the roof, is for the next 125, although all attendees have the option to buy both.  (The first 75 was supposed to have roof tampo, and vice versa, but that is a story for another time.)

With these two, and Everett Marshall Charities two exclusives, the Mack CF collection just jumped from one to five models.  Not a bad thing if you are a fire collector.

Enjoy the pics.  We will unveil the Dealer Model tomorrow morning…

Matchbox ’75 Mack CF Pumper (2015 MC Gathering of Friends Dinner Exclusive):

4 Replies to “First Look: 2015 Matchbox MC Gathering of Friends ’75 Mack CF Pumper Dinner Exclusive…”

  1. Those promos are the best yet!

    Too bad I didn't attend this year or any year! The Gathering Mack is the best yet!

    Since Matchbox has already done a Bernadillo Co. unit in the mainline, is there any reason that they shouldn't do one without the Gathering-centric logos in the mainline or Supreme Heroes. The tampos on the fenders really help to cover up what I don't like about the casting–the plastic fenders.

    Too bad the Everett Marshall promos aren't made available at a discounted price for those who do not (or can't) attend the golf tournament. $50 is a little much for me. Half that would be something I'd be very seriously considering.

    I hate pink. But, admittedly, I like the pink Mack. Let me guess, something to do with breast cancer awareness?

    How long until there will be news about next year on here?

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