Meet the new Lamley Header…

It was time to retire the Kenmeri.

She’s been a trooper, holding up the Header on the Lamley Blog for the last couple of years.  She has been paraded around on your computer and phones for awhile, and it was well-deserved, as I count that ’72 Tokyo Motor Show Kenmeri from Kyosho among my favorite models.

The Kenmeri followed our first header model, a Yonmeri Skyline from Aoshima, and the second, a Porsche 912 from Tomica Limited Vintage, and took its place longer than both combined.  But it was time to make the change.

So we jumped continents again, back to Germany, and went with another Lamley favorite, the BMW M6, also from Kyosho.  I went through a lot of candidates, included some from my home country.  The only rule?  No Hot Wheels, no Matchbox.  You get enough of those, so the Header will always feature a lesser-known brand.

So we went with BMW.  It came down to the 2002 and M6, but I went with a design that has gotten featured as much in diecast.  The M6 is a fave.  Its long, slender body, and Simpson nose and overbite make it so distinct.  And Kyosho nailed the model.

So get used to this one, it will be here awhile.  More changes are coming, but that is it for now.

And yeah, the M6 is available on eBay.  Definitely worth having…

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