Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels ’96 Nissan 180SX Type X with its proper wheels…

Ah, no more blurred out wheels…

The 180SX has created quite the buzz since it was announced at Hot Wheels Nationals, and pics a couple of weeks ago only increased it.  Time for phase 3.  We now have pics of the model in all its glory, with its proper PR5 wheels.

Phase 4 will be once we actually have it in hand.

But phase 3 gives us a full view of this beauty.  And yeah, it is a beauty.  The 180SX may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is a collector model through and through.  That is the only way a 20-year-old Nissan with sleepy eye headlights could pass in the mainline.  It is there because a designer loves it, and the collectors will buy it.

We surely will.  This model already enters the Lamley pantheon of great Hot Wheels.  Models like the Kenmeri, BMW 2002, Ford Gran Torino, Porsche 934, ’55 Gasser, and on and on.  Seeing it in true form confirms it as our favorite new model of 2015, and perhaps the last few years.  We will see when we have it.

Nonetheless, this model can’t come soon enough…

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  1. wow looks just like that one excellent custom that was done a little while back and was all over the internet… But holy mother of God, this is a phenomenal casting, hope to see it used A LOT in the next few years

  2. I hate to be this guy but I am not fully impressed like the rest of you. My main issue with this casting is the front head lights. Why do they got to be partially up? I mean if the casting had the headlight all the way up or closed I think it would make a better difference. But still… 😛
    Also I find the actual car itself non important for me as I see every street punk driving one of these things because it goes faster than their Corolla. lol
    But one thing I do like is the fact that they gave it a body kit. Usually it feels this site is against kits but for once it feels we can both agree on something.
    Other than that I still “like” it and will probably pick one up. Ive got alot of custom ideas such as Ryan Cooper's NFS Prosreet car and cant wait to see future variations.

  3. Couple things. Do a google image search on “sleepy eye s13” – it's not a mistake it was a trend from this car's early style days that is still often seen today.

    Another little history note – this isn't an aftermarket body kit but rather an OEM look offered by Nissan in Japan during the final couple years of production for this car.

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