The Supra is here! The Tomica Limited Vintage A70 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo is now out at Japan Booster…

We have been excited about this one for months.

Actually, if you read the blog you already know this.  We have dedicated numerous post already to the upcoming Tomica Limited Vintage A70 Toyota Supra, and we are stoked to finally say it is available for purchase, in three colors.

Japan Booster let us know early this morning that they have them in stock, and they are now listed at their ebay store.  You can find all three colors here:

Tomica Limited Vintage A70 Toyota Supra at Japan Booster

We, of course, already have ours on the way, and will do a full feature as soon as we get them.  There are two standard colors, maroon and grey, and a special police version in white from the Neo Taiyo series.  The Neo Taiyo Series is much more limited so grab it quickly.

There are other releases in the June batch as well.  Three new Nissan Cedrics, including a beautiful 1965 Nippon Taxi, a 1966 in light blue, and a 2000 GL from the fabulous Japanese Car Era Series.  They are all here:

Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan Cedrics at Japan Booster

All are available now at Japan Booster, but go quickly because they do sell out.  Remember, any purchase of Tomica Limited Vintage and Kyosho over $50 qualifies for FREE SHIPPING, and considering there is new stock from both brands listed as of this morning, I would hurry.  That includes the Kyosho Initial D AE86 Sprinter Trueno that seems to be selling out in minutes every time it is listed.

You can find all at the Japan Booster Store.  Have fun…

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  1. Missed out on the Kyosho Trueno, but I do have couple of Supras on order. Been one of those wishlist TLV castings. They look good!

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