First Look: The Hover & Turismo Deloreans of Hot Wheels Batch M…

It is not often you see a double does of Deloreans in one Hot Wheels batch.  But alas, that is the case in this batch, so why not show them together?

Each of these will appeal to specific folks.  The red Delorean (and the Super) contains the design of the old Hot Wheels Turiso, which was an attempt by Hot Wheels back then to do a Delorean without having to gain the license rights:

via South Texas 

It is a great way to keep a casting like the Delorean fresh, especially a model that is very limited in color options.  So why not go vintage Hot Wheels?

The other is the Back to the Future Time Machine Hover Car.  As I make clear every time I post a model like this, these models done interest me.  I would rather have the standard Delorean.  But this is a curiosity.

What surprise me the most is that it still rolls:

Yeah, those are some built-in wheels.  But considering where Doc and Marty and the girlfriend from Karate Kid are going, they don’t need roads.  Nice to have them anyway.

We will go with the nostalgia-laced Delorean in red as our favorite.  Most of you will go with the other choice, which is great with me.

(Find the Time Machine Hover Car on eBay….)

2015 Hot Wheels DMC Delorean & BTTF Time Machine:

3 Replies to “First Look: The Hover & Turismo Deloreans of Hot Wheels Batch M…”

  1. I started collecting Hotwheels through the licenced movie cars, now I collect a broad range. I think these vehicles can act as a kind of gateway drug, bringing new collectors into the hobby. As such they shouldn't be dismissed, I'm glad you sometimes cover these cars too.

  2. That red Delorean, man do I love that thing. When the e-sheet was initially shown at the Nationals, I flipped. Some collectors, especially those that don't know or collect HW of yesteryear, didn't realize it was a throwback to the Turismo casting (which apparently, if I am remembering what I read correctly from HWC Manson, they initially attempted at getting the Delorean license, but something happened and it fell through, so they modified it enough to still release it). And the fact that the $TH of this Delorean will feature the full deco from the original Turismo is just fantastic.

    I may have to take the reg/normal version of this Delorean and add some BWs to it. Or get a Boulevard release to drill apart and use the metal base and still put some BWs on it for the red one.

    This also makes me wonder if there will be a recolor of the Delorean, if it will be given treatment from the yellow Turismo:

    I'm a little surprised they added those wheels to the hover Time Machine… but whatever. Will pick one up if I find it (well, 2… one of my friends is a BTTF nut and would love to have this).

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