First Look: Hot Wheels ’15 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat…

Yeah, it’s a Hellcat.  But it is highly unlikely that the word “Hellcat” will ever find its way to a Hot Wheels car and cardbacks.

So with that out of the way, let’s move on to the model.  I say Hellcat, you say 700 hp.  That is all you need to know.  But you already know that too.  You think about that like you would a ghost pepper.  Complete intrigue, and definitely a little fear.  The car is a monster.  Inside and out.

So of course Hot Wheels was going to make it.  (We assume the Charger will arrive one of these days too.)  And considering that, the next question was whether or not it would sport the large rear wheels. Collectors have a love/hate relationship with those backside behemoths.  Sometimes they make a good model great, other times a great model bad.  Other times you wish they weren’t there, and others you just live with them.

But in the case of the Hot Wheels Challenger, from the Concept in 2007, to the SRT a year later, through the Drift version, I have not been a fan of the rear wheels at all.  The Challenger just doesn’t look like the Challenger.  They are not an enhancement at all.  They make the car look like something completely different.

So we were very curious to see what would appear.  We now know:

Yeah, they are still there.  It is really too bad.  Seeing the rear sit level with the front would make this model darn near perfect.

But I will confess something.  I still really like it.  A lot of love was clearly put into this one.  The front grill area is fantastic.  The body is super clean, and the choice of red with black wheels gives it that Hellcat look.  And look, that front chin is perfect.

But as much as I like it, I will always look at with that “what could have been” sigh.  Thankfully, my recently acquired Holy Grail from Matchbox more than scratches that itch:

Too much of a difference, eh?  I would show that the Hellcat is an improvement over the last few Challengers, but I don’t have any to compare it with.  I just have never been a fan.  I will keep this one though.

(Find the Hellcat at Wheel Collectors)

Hot Wheels ’15 Dodge Challenger Hellcat (2015 New Models):

19 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels ’15 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat…”

  1. I agree it would have been perfect if it wasn't for those rear wheels. I would really love it if someone asked the designer why they did that to all the Challengers.

  2. HW has always been about the rake, right from the beginning.

    I don't mind how it looks on here. Personally I really like the look of the Challenger Drift car and this Hellcat.

    Granted, the real Challenger is a bit of a bloated pony as it is. Quite a bit heavier than the Mustang, and a good bit heavier than the Camaro it is supposed to compete with. The smaller wheels on the back would make it look rather bloated, whereas here it doesn't seem so bad (IMO).

  3. I dig it. The larger rear wheels actually augment the menacing “Big Bad Boy” aura the car exudes. Would buy this along with the Elmiraj and turn it into some tale starring the two cars.

    It's just one Sharpie or paint pen away.

  4. My dad owns one of these in real life so I see it every day and I have to say that this is truly spot on. Very close to the real one even tho it has the “large rear wheels”. As far as tampos go I think If hot wheels would have tried to give it front tampos they would have screwed up because as we've seen, hotwheels has been sloppy in their tampo placement lately….

    So overall this will be one I will love to detail myself and will be a great highlight of my collection

  5. That's actually not bad… The large rear wheels make the tail look a bit shorter than it should be, and the lack of front detailing makes the model look a tad unfinished, but it's nothing that breaks the model in my opinion. It even looks good next to the Matchbox version.

  6. That is the correct grille for the Hellcat. They lack the distinctive crosshairs (moniker of the 1971 Challenger) that are on every other 2015 Challenger model

  7. “Hell” is not inappropriate. Even if it was a bad word, manufacturers have to go through trademark/government approval before naming a product anything. Hellcat. It can be said anytime on TV, on any channel.

  8. I do not buy to many american cars, but this is definitely one of them I had to buy.
    Even the bigger rear wheels can not ruin it. This is a must have.

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