Nissan Jam is this Sunday in SoCal: go for the cars, leave with the diecast…

You lucky folks in Southern California have a real treat this weekend.  This Sunday will be the 3rd Annual Nissan Jam in West Covina at West Covina Nissan.  Nissan, Datsun, and even Infiniti old and new will be represented, and from what we have heard it has become one of the premiere j-tin car shows in the US.

Obviously, go for the vehicular niceties, but don’t miss out on the diecast fun to be had as well.  There will be two booths to make sure you visit.  Jeff Koch, aka @the_toy_pimp on IG, who is well known for his JDM-heavy booth at JCCS, will be there with all kinds of Japanese diecast goodness for sale from Hot Wheels, Kyosho, Tomica, Tomica Limited Vintage and on and on and on.  (Emphasis on that “on and on and on” part.  Anyone who has seen Jeff’s booth know that it is a “have to see it to believe it” sea of diecast.)

It will be a perfect time to fill in gaps, or add some unique pieces to your Nissan/Datsun collections.  Some of the items that will be there:

You will blow your entire budget at Jeff’s booth, so we suggest before you go there you hit the Japanese Nostalgic Car booth first.  They always have unique goodies for each event, including t-shirts and stickers, but they will also be showcasing large scale diecast for sale from Carriage House Models.  We have purchased two models from Carriage House in the past, are in awe of their selection, and would love to see what they are bringing this Sunday.  We hear it will be Skyline heavy, including this R34 Skyline from AutoArt.

We wish we could be there, as there is bound to be a ton (several tons actually) of machinery we would love to ogle over, plus a slew of diecast to acquire.  If you go, let us know how it is…

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