June 4th Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…

Ambassador’s Report June 4th, 2015
By: Larry Scaduto

You know, I keep telling myself I’m gonna release a small report and it never works out that way!!! I have too much to talk about and show you. And I only have 4 reports to go before I hand the reins over to a new ambassador. I’m starting out with this really nice Vista Cruiser in yellow and then I get into other items that may be of interest all throughout the report. There is a racing theme in my PrePro section in honor of the Indy 500 held last week. And I hope you enjoy Chuck’s latest article and please click on the YouTube links for some great info as well. Next report will feature a new casting for 2015. And yes, it will be realistic and licensed as well! 

MB777 Olds Vista Cruiser (front view)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZTdAKR2F4A Batch “C” unboxing by Race Grooves
MB777 Olds Visa Cruiser (rear view)
Scrambulance (front view)
Scrambulance (rear view)
MB886 Ground Grinder (front view)
The number 4992 on the side of this model is a significant number that is worthy of note…. It signifies the number of deco’s Michael Heralda has created in his many years of designing at Mattel. What will the 5000th model be???? We’ll just have to wait…. 
Congratulations on this achievement and for your dedication to the brand. 
MB887 Ground Grinder (rear view)

MB921 Terrainiac

MB950 Tractor Plow

MB861 Sand Shredder

Matchbox 1/64th Scale 4×4’s (New Series)
These 4×4’s are now available. I’ve seen these at Kohl’s this past week and Meijer’s had the pegs tagged for their arrival for over 2 months. Obviously these models are aimed at kids, but they have some great play value. These are miniatures of the 1/24th scale models already available in many stores across the US. Here is the front view of the Flame Stopper.
(Rear View of the Flame Stomper)

(This is the 1/24th Scale version of the above model)
MB68 TV News Truck
MB21 GMC Wrecker
MB46 Mission Helicopter
MB56 Peterbilt Tankers (Official is spelled wrong on the back tanker)
Even though the following PrePro Models have nothing to do with the Indy 500, I decided to feature them here. Since I have a racing theme going this issue, I thought I would expand into  Nascar and other related vehicles. OK Gentlemen…….Start your Engines!!!!!
“Ultra Tide” Kenworth Cabover Racing Transporter w/ Chevy Lumina & Chevy Van
“Tide” Kenworth Aerodyne 
Here are PrePro’s of the Chevy Monte Carlo. Looking at these models, I just noticed the yellow version has small front and rear wheels while the pink version has larger rear wheels. 
Ford Thunderbird in white with a grey interior and a black plastic 1992 Thailand base. 
Next I have a white MB46 Group C Racer with a Champion Spark Plugs rear tailfin and a black plastic Thailand base. The below model is silver-grey with a black Sauber tailfin a black plastic Macau base. Always loved this casting! 

Unreleased version of the Power Rangers Pontiac Grand Prix
Another unreleased version of the Chevy Monte Carlo – Timber Wolves 
Next I’m featuring a Chevy Lumina in a dark cream color. This is a wedding model for The Desenberg’s and it is dated December 10th, 1994. I’m not quite sure this made it into production. But this is the PrePro of it. 
And finally I have a model I missed for last report. This is the MB74 Grand Prix Racing Car in chrome with a black plastic tail fin and a black metal Thailand base. 

Left on the Drawing Board
Model features and designs that never made it to Production
By Charles Wiersma

Matchbox toy collectors know too well that the creative concepts dreamed up by toy designers don’t always come to fruition.  Whether they are cut due to cost, dropped because of impractical design, blocked by licensing issues, or just forgotten, some features and designs don’t always make it to production.  Here’s a sampling of details, features and models originally drawn or proposed by Matchbox designers ranging from the Lesney says to the Mattel era.  Some of these designs were left on paper, others made it through the initial stages of the design process to early prototype stages, and some even made it to metal.  However, none of them actually made it to market.
First, the MB 571 Sea Rescue Helicopter, a Mattel miniature design, was originally conceived in January, 2001 for a 2003 release.  The concept drawing shows that a “retractable cable” play feature was originally planned.  Unfortunately, this feature was never produced.

Note “Retractable Cable…” verbiage to lower right of model.

The design drawings also included a Coast Guard livery as depicted in the bottom rear ¾ view drawing.  In the end, the model was released in a generic red-white-blue swirl livery.

Note Coast Guard livery on model.
MB 571 Sea Rescue Helicopter as released – no working cable and no Coast Guard livery.

The MB 524 Land Rover Discovery was originally designed to have a rear tailgate that opened.  Intricate dials and details were cast on the weather tracking console located in the rear of the model.  The opening door and console never made it to market.  However, the detail cast on the floor of the tailgate’s interior was still cast on the production model.

Preproduction resin casting of Land Rover Discovery with opening tailgate.  Notice instrument panel with dials on interior.
Production interior (plastic) on left compared to preproduction resin on right.  Note lack of instrument console on production interior to left.
Production model on left, resin cast preproduction on right.  Notice change in Matchbox logos painted on the rear section of the models.

The MB 406 Land Rover Freelander did not have a feature as opposed to a body style change.  One original design of the model had the rear of the model enclosed.  However, only the open back version of this model ever made it to market.

Two resin sample castings of MB 406 Land Rover Freelander with closed bodies.
Resin PrePro casting with enclosed body on left, production casting with open rear section on right.
Resin casting with closed body on left, production casting with open body on right.

The MB 026 Volvo Cable Truck was originally designed by Lesney to have an extra part – a nylon (plastic) ramp that could be pulled out from under the cable reel cradle to support the unloading of the reels.  The extending ramp can be seen at the rear of the model in the design drawing below. Also note in this 1978 design drawing, the original truck was to have three axles versus the two axles issued on the production model.

Drawing of Volvo Cable Truck with extending ramp to rear and three axles.
Drawing of proposed Volvo Cable Truck ramp.

The ramp would lie in the gap between the bed of the truck and the cable reel cradle.

PrePro sample model of Volvo Truck in white, production sample in yellow.

The Volvo Truck was eventually produced with three axles – but as the MB 139 Volvo Tilt Lorry.  The Volvo Cable Truck and Zoo Truck were never issued with the three axles.

Lesney’s MB 034 Chevy Pro Stocker was originally designated the Chevy NASCAR.  This was indicated in the model’s original design drawing.  Pre-production metal castings of the model with the NASCAR base were made and are much sought after today.  This drawing, with the number and date still blank, dated from 1978.

By the time this sample model was cast, the model was designated No. 34 and the copyright year was cast as 1980 as shown on this preproduction casting.

Note Chevy NASCAR, No. 34, and 1980 copyright on the base of this prepro model.

PrePro sample of the Chevy Nascar in orange.

By the time the model was released, the name was changed to Chevy Pro-Stocker.  Production models were never issued with NASCAR on the base.

Ambassador’s Note: Boy I want that Chevy NASCAR……..I am so jealous!!! Nice model Chuck!!!

A Helicopter Transporter was proposed for the 1-75 miniature line.  The Lesney design from 1978, included a truck body in die cast and a helicopter made of plastic and nylon.  Much like the later produced MB 146 Plane Transporter, the helicopter was to be a secondary part of the model.  The copter’s main rotor would rotate and the copter could be removed from the platform.  Unlike the later issued MB 146, this truck had two axles instead of three.
Miniature collectors may recall seeing a resin sample of this model in Matchbox books.  I am not aware of this model ever making it to metal.

Here is a sample of Lesney’s unreleased No. 105 Boss Mustang box.  The artwork and box design, dated September of 1981, never made it to production.  Although the model was issued in this livery, it was released in the generic yellow boxes of the time or on blisterpack.
In contrast to the 75 miniature model limit as prominently printed on the sides of the box, the model was numbered 105.   Picture boxes from this era added a lot to the perception of the model.  Print samples of this box have sold at auction dating as late as 2008.
It is easy to envision how this next model would have looked rolling out of the factory.  Designated the YMC17, the 1962 Chevy Impala 409 was destined for the America’s Most Wanted line of the Models of Yesteryear Series.  The drawing, from Matchbox’s Euro R&D bureau, is dated 1998.  Any PrePro copies of the model out there?

American muscle car aficionados may appreciate this 1969 AMC AMX.  The model actually made it to resin stage and a sample was sold at auction in 2012.  Like the Impala, it too destined was for the Models of Yesteryear range.

This next model, a miniature, was actually issued in the 1998 MB 1-75 range.  However, the MB 336 ‘71 Camaro Z-28 undertook a few changes between being drawn on paper and produced on the factory line.   As indicated in the drawings, the model was originally designed with:

  • A grid like pattern on the headlights.  
  • Smooth turn signals (front) with no dimples.
  • A rectangular grille.
  • A grille without the Z28 badge.
  • No dimples on the taillights.
Note grid pattern on headlights, lack of dimples on turn signals, and rectangular grille.
Note lack of dimples on taillights.

Before a model is cast in metal, it is usually molded in resin.  In the photo below, the resin copy on the left is compared to a first shot casting on the right.  Notice how the grille is a nearly perfect rectangular shape on the resin casting (as in the drawing) and a bit more trapezoidal (narrow at bottom and wider at top) on the metal model to the right.

Notice grille and headlight differences.

In this next photo, three test shots are compared side by side.  The model on the left is the first shot casting with no detail cast on the grille, headlights, or turn signals.  The casting in the middle has the headlights cast with a grid like pattern as in the drawing.  The grille pattern and turn signal dimples are cast as well.  In the model on the right, the headlights are cast smooth, the dimples remain on the turn signals, and a badge (not on the original drawings) was added to the grille.  This final example is how the final production model was actually cast.

Note grille, headlights, and turn signal differences on three different models in various stages of the design process.

In the next photo, the model on the left has no detailing cast on the taillights.  The middle and right models have the dimples cast on the taillights – a feature not on the original drawing.

Note differences in turn signals.

I have no drawings available for this next model, they are resin samples.  The production version of this 2 1/2 Ton Truck was issued in 2001 as part of the Matchbox Collectibles line.   This resin sample suggests it was being reworked for inclusion in the regular miniatures line.  Look at the casting closely and notice the 8-spoke tread wheel design of the spare tire on the base of the model, the lack of side view mirrors,  and removed detail on the undercarriage.  This sample was a streamlined version of the FC-15 2 1/2 Ton Truck.  The canvas on the back of the model was designed to be removable for added play value.

Resin sample of unreleased 2 ½ Ton Truck for miniatures on top compared to resin sample of Feature Cars version of truck on bottom.  Note difference in undercarriage detailing and spare tire.

Last but not least, the following design is a personal favorite of mine – the 1965 GTO.  The first photo shows a master pattern resin of the MB 364 hard top next to its three inch counterpart.  Some details like the windshield wipers were lost in the scale transition.  However, the model retained fairly sharp design integrity.  Note that this was not the same model as the 1967 GTO issued in the Models of Yesteryear Series.

Master resin compared to resin 3 inch version.

In addition to the hard top version, the model was also proposed as a convertible designated the MB 365.  Like the hardtop, this model was never released as a Matchbox.  What a boss car!

Ambassador’s Note: 
I must say, Chuck outdid himself on this article! What a wonderful look back at what might have been if the projects that were started made it into production. I’m sure there are more ideas that never made it past this stage as well. It’s not too late to introduce the ‘65 Pontiac GTO into the lineup is it? Hint Hint!!!
2015 Batch E Releases

            MB58 Renault Master Ambulance                      MB33 Highway Maintenance Truck

                           MB95 Sand Shredder                        MB73 BMW R1200 RT-P Police Motorcycle

                                 MB14 Whiplash                                   MB60 Crime Crusher 4×4

MB7 Tesla Model S
All Batch E Models Compliments of Tom Sarlitto @Midwest Diecast Miniatures  

New 4×4 Series 
Here is the comparison between the two versions of the Work-Ready so you can get an idea on the differences between the two models. 
Here’s what I found at Kohl’s . There will be more releases soon.
I decided to try something different for this report. Let’s look ahead to the future of motoring. It’s nice to go back and think about all the wonderful vehicles that were a part of history and our childhood memories. Let’s see what we might be driving in the not so distant future. 
Toyota FT-1 Concept
Subaru STI Performance Concept
Nissan Sway Concept
Maserati Alfieri Concept
Land Rover Defender Flying Huntsman Concept
Lexus LF-C2 Concept Convertible
Honda Concept C
Bentley EXP10 Concept
Chevrolet FNR Concept

You must click on the link when viewing these PrePro’s. Good luck to the Blackhawks!!!!!
Here is a small section of a new release coming out soon. I can’t show you the whole model just yet, but I will in an upcoming report. 
So…..what model do you think this is?
Check out my next report for the answer!!
All images and articles are presented here with the consent and permission of Mattel and the Matchbox Team.

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    The Ground Grinder is perfect!

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