What do you think of the just unveiled Hot Wheels Plymouth Superbird Super Treasure Hunt?

By now most of you have seen it.

Photos leaked this morning, and spread like wildfire over the internets.  If you haven’t seen it, the Plymouth Superbird is the 14th Super TH:

And it looks neato.  At least we think it does.  The casting has always left a little to be desired, but the deco is superb.  An ode to Nascar, Richard Petty, and even a previous Treasure Hunt makes this one a winner.  My Brazilian friend who runs a well known blog always asked me to rank the Supers as they come out and compare lists.  There is no doubt this one will be near the top (although I don’t see it surpassing the superb Mooneyes Van).

For those that think this looks familiar, it is very similar to the ’69 Chevelle TH from a few years ago:

Similar colors, deco, and theme.  It is even #33 next to the Chevelle’s #32.  We LOVE when Hot Wheels or Matchbox keeps a theme like this going.

So yeah, we are in on this one.  There is a very good chance this could be the Kdays Super in September (that is speculation), and judging by what we know about that upcoming Kdays, it will be a doozy.

One Super to go…

Your thoughts?

11 Replies to “What do you think of the just unveiled Hot Wheels Plymouth Superbird Super Treasure Hunt?”

  1. Hot Wheels casting may look “different” but I adore the RLC version I have. Can't wait to see more pics of this $TH. I may have to get one.

  2. While the casting leaves some to be desired (I think it was done as an early “track” model), I still really like the casting and I love this $TH. Just about anytime HW does a racing-themed vehicle, I love it (the '69 Torino Talladega from 2010 is my favorite $TH). Plus this makes two “throwback” TH schemes for 2015 (the Delorean being a throwback to the BW-era Turismo of the '80's, this being a throwback to that '69 Chevelle TH).

    So far, this and the Delorean are my only “must have” $THs for the year.

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