The Best of the RLC: Custom ’66 GTO Wagon…

There is a lot to come on the Lamley Blog this summer.  Among the First Looks and other features, we will continue our series on Matchbox models of that last great era, as well as start a new series on many of the best models to come from the RLC.

That means more previews of upcoming RLC models, as well as a look at some from the past, that may or may not still be available in the HWC store.  It should be fun.

So let’s do a little preview, and showcase one of my favorite RLC models, the Custom ’66 GTO Wagon.

There is a lot to like here.  Obviously it starts with the casting.  The stance, width, and length are spot on, and it even sports a very Matchbox-esque dog in the back.  But what really makes this model great is what Mattel did and didn’t do to it.  No crazy deco, one very unique spectraflame color, and an awesome set of steelies to ride around on.  It is beautiful.

Most importantly, it is a wagon.  Wagons bring joy.

We will save our opinions on the RLC line for a later post, but for now, enjoy some total eye candy.  Wagons rule.

(Find the GTO Wagon on eBay…)

Hot Wheels Custom ’66 GTO Wagon:

9 Replies to “The Best of the RLC: Custom ’66 GTO Wagon…”

  1. That really is a beautiful release. It was one of the nicest from that year (2011, Series 10). I am usually more partial to NEOs, but this color screamed for RRs. The orange works great here. And that is one nice thing about HWC/RLC releases, they are generally not overly cluttered with tampos/deco (save for HW Racing and some special releases).

    This casting in general is a really neat idea. It actually represents an idea my dad has always had for those similar wagons, turning them into a 2 door with the coupe doors.

    I can't wait for the Heritage series release of this casting!

  2. Beautiful casting, color choice and model all the way around. The dog might not have been necessary as its nowhere near as nice as everything else about it.

  3. The dog looks like one of those cheap blow up ones that some people have in the back of their cars to deter people breaking into their vehicles ;-0)

  4. “Wagons rule.” Damn straight!

    I generally like the dog in this casting, but this RLC version is so well detailed, the plastic dog do look bit out of place. Still I wish I had one. lol

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