Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Toyota 2000GT Convertible…

It had to happen, it finally happened, and now that we have seen it we are really glad it happened.

Images have emerged of the brand new Hot Wheels Toyota 2000GT Convertible, which will be part of the Retro Entertainment line in a James Bond theme.

We have a feeling that this will excite a lot of people, and even if it doesn’t, we are ecstatic here.  With all themes JDM setting the Hot Wheels world on fire, it seems the most classic of Japanese classics has been a little forgotten, even after its dramatic debut as a Super TH.  But it is returning with a vengeance as in Shelby Racing livery as part of the RLC line, and now in convertible form with Retro Entertainment.

Of course the convertible isn’t an “official” 2000GT, as it was just a sawed off version of the coupe made for a James Bond movie.  But it is a significant version because it might be the only way a lot of world even knows what this car is.

The convertible doesn’t share the sleek lines of the coupe, but it is beautiful nonetheless, and debuting in white with wire spoke real riders is perfect.  We hope Hot Wheels has plans for this casting in the future, considering all the creative directions they can go.  But our guess is this white version will never be topped.

This should be very popular, and based on the photos it is an early “Model of the Year” contender.  It is just plain pretty.  Look for it in the coming months…

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