First Look, Part 1: The Classics of Kyosho Porsche Minicar Collection 6…

There are two ways to look at Kyosho’s latest release.

The first is the more negative of the two.  “Another Porsche Series!?!  We have already had 5 before this one, and almost ALL the castings in this set are releases!  We have already seen most of these castings, and in realistic colors and liveries.  What a waste!”

For the 3 people in the US that were Kyosho collectors during the entire span of Porsche releases, we get it.  That is a lot of money to spend on castings you already have.  You can lay claim to that first reaction.

For the rest of us, it is all positive.  “Finally a chance to get my hands on some of the beautiful Porsche castings Kyosho has released before, and without having to sell my firstborn to get them!  And in clean deco as well!  Just each model in all its glory!”

That is the reaction we have to this set.  Sure, we already have a few of these castings from previous releases, but for the price of one of those, I could five models from the current set.

So these are most welcome, and we think after you see these, you will most certainly agree.  Kyosho has nailed these models, and they are among the best Kyosho has ever done.  The details from the fuchs on the classic models to the rims on the current is astonishing.  These rival Tomica Limited Vintage in the way they look like real cars in photographs.

So because the set is large (24 models), we decided to break it up.  Today are the more vintage of the 8 models included.  Contemporary Porsches are as good as anything current on the road, but classic Porsches have no rival.  And we are glad Kyosho included a few in this set.

While you take a gander at these, remember they are all available at Japan Booster, now shipped free if you spend $50 or more.  Trust me, that is VERY easy to do.  These models are special.


Kyosho Porsche Minicar Series 6:

911 RSR Turbo


911 Turbo (930)

7 Replies to “First Look, Part 1: The Classics of Kyosho Porsche Minicar Collection 6…”

  1. Well thanks to Curitiba Customs I completed my Kyosho Porsches. Unfortunately none of the Porsche 6 were part of that list. Thinking positive the 991 was the only new casting so I saved some bucks.
    New collectors not withstanding I am a little perplexed with Kyosho lately. The Bentley series was incredible but recently there have been many series with repeated castings. This was not the norm for Kyosho outside of the Ferrari Neo series

  2. John,

    I am THAT guy who has them all. But I added all of these models. Many don't notice but the 930 is all new. The original had a whale tail and this has the lipped “tea tray” tail along with better side mirrors. Also I need the new 991 Turbo. I think will begin shedding my Ferrari Kyoshos. I like them but I am a Porsche guy through and through.

    I hope we get a series 7 with some new castings. I'd like ot see
    928 – original no S or GT
    924 Turbo
    914 Closed
    911 SC Cabrio
    908 or 904 in other racing liveries or better yet the 917-30


  3. Oh and I am a Ferrari guy. Every Kyosho casting in red. Time will see if I have the chance to collect any more. Would love Porsches in the meantime

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