First Look: Hot Wheels RLC ’68 COPO Camaro…

An RLC Camaro is not a surprise.  It is not uncommon either.  But it is always welcome.

We have touted the RLC a lot this year, especially with these previews we have been able to do the last few weeks.  And the main reason we wanted to do these previews was because of how the RLC has rebounded in a big way after the debacle that was the Redline Club the last year.  Models are no longer offered until they can all be shipped immediately, quality control is a lot better, and the variety of models has never been better.

If I am honest, the RLC did not really grab my attention until a couple of years ago, and I have been collecting for awhile now.  There were always a few models that interested me, but I figured I could go to eBay if I really wanted them.  But at some point a couple of years ago I thought it prudent to join, and I am so glad I did.  Soon afterwards the models being offered were tremendously appealing. It wasn’t all about Hot Rods and American Muscle anymore.  JDM joined the mix, the Gulf Racing livery took on a big role, and the designs were off the charts.  And with the BRE 240Z that was sold, the Shelby Toyota 2000GT, Gulf Porsche 993 and ’67 Camaro, Candy Striper Gasser, and 4×4 Silverado on their way, we are in the middle of spectacular run.

And here is the interesting thing about these new RLC models.  They are making me appreciate the older models I ignored when they were available.  That is why I am working on acquiring some older models to showcase here on Lamley.

With that newfound appreciation, I am really excited about tomorrow’s RLC offering, the ’68 COPO Camaro.  It is a Camaro, it sits on Real Riders with redlines, and it has a Hot Wheels Racing livery.  It is as traditional an RLC model as there is.  And it is a must have.

This is another model with great card art, but even with that must be opened to be totally appreciated.  The paint, especially the blue, silky smooth and beautiful.  I had to be careful when I was taking pics to not show up reflected in the paint.  And another reason to open the model?  The hood opens, like the membership models from a couple of years ago.

As I looked at the slate of RLC models earlier this year, the Camaro was a bit overlooked.  Not anymore…

The RLC ’68 COPO Camaro will be to all RLC members tomorrow at 9AM Pacific Time, and is limited to 4000.

Good luck…

Hot Wheels ’68 COPO Camaro (2015 RLC Exclusive):

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  1. I love this one. I have the chrome, red, blue and purple club cars all open and this one will join those. I've never been huge fan of the race team color scheme but it seems to work here.

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