First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX…

We have promised to try and hold off full judgement on the brand new Hot Wheels NSX until we had it in hand.

If you remember, when images first leaked of the NSX, we were less than impressed, but it became obvious by the response we saw on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram, that we were definitely in the minority.   Most of you just ate this up.  You loved the aggressive stance, the detail, and the added modifications.

We read all the comments, and were almost convinced our shoulder-shrugging reaction may have been a little harsh.  We might have been coming around.


Here it is, and it just doesn’t do it for us.  It falls in the “what could have been” pile.  Sure, it is far more stock than the previous modded-out NSX, and definitely an improvement.  And we like that it has front and rear tampos to go along with its signature red color.  And yes, we like that it exists, and we will surely add it to the collection.

But why the large rear wheels?  Same-sized PR5 wheels all around would have balanced this out so much better.  And why the Type R details on the rear and rear wing?  First off, the Type R wasn’t released in 1990, so the name of the model actually is wrong.  But we could forgive that if the wheels were equal size.  That is our biggest qualm with this one.

Now maybe you young tikes like your 1990 NSX more aggressive like is depicted in the Hot Wheels version, but those of us who ogled over the NSX when our friend Tori’s dad bought one back in the day don’t need it more aggressive.  That flat nose and kick-ass spoiler and tail-light shape was all we needed.  That sweeping line from the front all the way back to the spoiler was just so cool, and didn’t need to be touched.

But the Type R spoiler takes away from that, as does the large rear wheel well on this one.  It is just too bad.  We don’t need Hot Wheels to do to the NSX what George Lucas later did to the first three Star Wars movies.  No need for improvement.

So are we happy this exists?  Sure.  But for a model that was easily our #1 most anticipated release for 2015, it is a bummer.  We will have to look forward to the 180SX and hope in the back of our minds hope that TLV decides to tackle the NSX in the future.

If you like it, we have no problem with that (and you can get it right now at Wheel Collectors).  We hope you don’t have a problem with our opinion either…

Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX (2015 New Models):

The two monsters of 2015:

23 Replies to “First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels ’90 Acura NSX…”

  1. I can't help but think (and hope) that HW's cousins over at Matchbox would have done a better job, but still, I dig this. I never collected HW cars for their realism. I get that out of 1/43s or TLVs & Kyoshos. HWs have always been like 3D stlyzied sketches of real cars,

  2. given how hot wheels is ruining cars with upslopped chin, we should be thankful they didn't ruin it any further. I think it's decent, but you are right that is could have been a wonderful model, this car was supossedly done by Ryu Asada…but doesn't look like one of his creations…or maybe it does? Plastic roof? check. Large rear wheel? cheak…hmmm he did that with the 2014 Corvette…and the Mastretta wasn't that cool…who knows? Maybe he was told by HW to ruin his wonderful creations

  3. “The two monsters of 2015”
    You just made the McLaren P1 cry in an empty corner.

    Either way, I'll get this model. And I'll love it. Oh yes I will.

  4. I really like the overall looks, but have a feeling collector excitement over it is due to it being a street version and much nicer than the previous NSX casting.

    But I really hope the windows are just dark tint and not blacked out. I hate it when the interior is hidden behind really dark windows (I am guessing the interior and exhsut pipes are one piece).

  5. Of course we all want accurate depictions of all these cars but we're pretty much at the mercy of hot wheels and we take what we can get. Does hot wheels care about the adult collectors? In my opinion, no. Why? Cause year after year they release pathetic castings of cars we love. I wish they would reserve upsloped chins and huge wheels to those fantasy cars. Yes, I'm excited to get this…..only cause there's not many other options out there.

  6. Although the different size wheels look a little ridiculous, Hot Wheels is actually on to something. If you'll remember correctly, the NSX actually had the rear wheels larger one inch in diameter than the front. Soooo in that respect, this is pretty accurate. As close to as Hot Wheels can do at least.

  7. I respect your opinions as usual, but I don't know, I think it's love at first sight! Now don't get me wrong, I too would have wanted it without the gimmicks, but hey, that's what Hot Wheels does best. The thing I learned was that what's a Hot Wheels car without a gimmick or two?

    Either way you slice it though, it still outclasses the original first-gen NSX casting, which was hideous, at best. Give this one some time; maybe it will grow on you eventually.

  8. Actually, this is not the first stock nsx hot wheels has done. The other one ('01 nsx) Was actually based on the Honda racing special nsx RR, which I think is even cooler than this one. I have a friend who took off all the silly decals for me, painted it white, and BOOM! one of my favorite hot wheels in my collection. Just Google nsx RR, and you will understand my love for that car.

  9. Not only I respect your opinions, I agree 100%. Yet another model for the “could've been better” pile, or rather the “should've been a Matchbox to begin with” pile, as I like to call it. Hot Wheels has been adding to that pile so much lately I simply gave up buying them locally and now spend my mpney on Ebay getting what few licensed cars Matchbox is allowed to release (and absolutely nail) every year.

    A shame, really, as this would have been a nice addition to my Ayrton Senna collections, but I figure I'll join the waiting room for a TLV version.

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, I mean Hot Wheels handing down a chart or instructions or whatever on what a Hot Wheels has to be like. Large rear wheels, upsloped chins to clear loops, as little metal in the construction as possible…

  11. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, I mean Hot Wheels handing down a chart or instructions or whatever on what a Hot Wheels has to be like. Large rear wheels, upsloped chins to clear loops, as little metal in the construction as possible…

  12. I picked this up because the 90 Honda nsx is 1 of the coolest vehicles on the planet the only thing I don't like is the type r spoiler also this was available in metallic white in 2015 this year it is in the then and now series as the older model in metallic blue and is 1 of this years super treasure hunts

  13. in keeping with the larger rear wheel ting hotwheels also got thde delorean casting wrong because real deloreans had visibly larger rear wheels but hotwheels put all the same size wheels on it

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