First Look: Matchbox 2015 Supreme Heroes Batch A…

So what about Supreme Heroes?

I mean, just two days ago I was lamenting about the small numbers of actual licensed vehicles coming from Matchbox, yet here are four great models showing how well Matchbox can do.

Exactly.  As we have said before, to quote Ed Helms in The Hangover, “He’s still got it…”

When Matchbox takes on a licensed model, more times than not they nail it.  It is just they are not making a lot of them.

That is why I was very excited for the release of the Supreme Heroes.  Here was Matchbox using real licensed vehicles, and putting real licensed liveries on them, and with rubber tires to boot!  Sure, the wheels might be a little too sporty for some of the models, and yeah, the bases are plastic, but to us that doesn’t matter much.  They all look really good.  The problem is the line was cut down right before its scheduled release, and many of the police cars slated to be part were dropped.

So here are the first four, and as excited as we are about them, they still remind us how good Matchbox could really be if they did more.  Instead, it appears they are doing less.

But no matter, let’s take Supreme Heroes for what it is.  The first Matchbox premium line in awhile.  These models are worth having, and we need to let Mattel know it.  So go get them and enjoy them.  We sure are.

You can find the Supreme Heroes at your local Kroger store or at Wheel Collectors as part of their Lamley Deal Sale….

Matchbox Supreme Heroes Batch A:

1963 Mack B Fire Engine:

Hazard Squad:

Pierce Dash Fire Engine:

Ford Explorer:

13 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox 2015 Supreme Heroes Batch A…”

  1. Kroger, huh? Maybe I ought to check by the two in my area, which are about 20 min and 30 min. away respectively. Too bad the one 10 min. away closed in 2003 due to employees that were constantly on strike (and Walmart coming in around the same time), and the other, which is 15 min. away closed about four years ago as the building was in disrepair.

    Luckily, I'll be close to the one 15 min. away tomorrow, so I'll try to check. The wheels don't look as bad as I thought. I think the tampo treatment on these models is the best some have ever had!

  2. The fred Meyer near me (it's a Kroger brand in the north west) has had pegs up for months now that have been empty, but say matchbox supreme on them. I thought I missed out. But finally I guess not. The only one of this batch I want is the explorer, but I admit these are really awesome. Good details, liveries and I love those tires.

  3. I live in Philadelphia have not seen a one. They want you to support a product but the product becomes impossible to find. I have only heard good things about these and pics look great. I'm not a fan of mail order for things like this cause I have to have in hand to make up my mind. Hopfully they turn up but not counting on it.

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