First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels 1990 Honda Civic EF Zamac Exclusive…

Lovely lovely Zamacs.

I have said it before, and now is a good time to say it again: I hope the Walmart Zamac exclusives never stop.  Walmart has done quite a few special mainline exclusives in the past, including redline wheels, windshield banners, and special colors, but the Zamacs are by far the best.

They are easily recognizable, and these castings chosen always look cool sans proper clothing.  Plus with 18 produced a year, it is a manageable line to collect.

And the other thing?  They are always a blast to photograph.

And with that all in mind, today we are featuring a very worthy choice for the Zamac line, the 1990 Honda Civic EF.  The little racing Civic looked good in its black, gold, and red duds from earlier this year, but as a Zamac its a star.  The dark and baby blue trim looks great next to the gold lettering, especially over the pointless body.

When you think about the heritage the EF Civic represents, you begin to want to stand out, and here it most certainly does.

Look for it next month…

Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF (2015 Zamac Exclusive):

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