Our good friend Ethan, his Hot Wheels, and you collectors were on the news last night…

I was approached by our local NBC affiliate yesterday, wanting to know a little more about our 3-year-old friend Ethan and his ever-growing collection of Hot Wheels in his hospital room.

It turns out someone from the hospital shared the Lamley article with KSL, noting the generosity of collectors all over the world.  If you didn’t know, after we posted the article, requests started coming in from all over the world, asking if they could send more Hot Wheels cars to Ethan.

Well, the word is out, and it is nice to see our collector community getting some attention.  You are a generous bunch, whether by gifts or just good thoughts and vibes sent Ethan’s way.

Here is the story that was on the news last night, and the corresponding article:


Ethan is getting better.  His recovery will be long, and his family is anxiously awaiting the day that the tubes will be removed and Ethan can go home, but that day isn’t here yet.

And if you want to send cars to Ethan, or just donate a few in his name (carded is preferred), you can send them here:

Ethan Carnesecca
c/o Primary Children’s Hospital
100 Mario Capecchi Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

If it is not Ethan who needs them, there are surely kids who do.  And if it is not our local Children’s Hospital here, there is surely one near wherever you live.  These little cars will go a long way…

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  1. Wow. I must say I am touched. It was nice to see collectors helping Ethan and your blog being featured on the news. I don't know if I will be able to send cars but I for sure wish cute little Ethan a quick and healthy recovery! Maybe when he grows older, he will join us in our collector world.

  2. Sending a bunch of HW's out this week. I know medical issues with family as my nephew passed at 25 years old from cancer 4 years ago, my father from a motorcycle accident I was witness to 2 years ago, and my mother from cancer a couple months after Dad. I am also a cancer survivor myself for almost 10 years at 45 years old. My father was my best friend and now my 18 month old son Peter, named after my father, is my new best friend and my daughter is 2 months old They are my world and salvation to what I have endured so I can imagine what you are going through and your story hit me hard. To read what a good and patient boy your son is breaks my heart. I keep him in my thoughts often, Mommy and Daddy too. I like to think of you two watching him graduate High School, seeing him get married, marveling at the children he brings into the world, and remember this time of your lives as an example of how the strength of an amazing little boy not only saw him through it, but the people who love him as well.

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