First Look: The Datsun 510, 240Z, and the rest of Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch L…

It must be odd to be the little Hot Wheels Datsun 510.

You came into existence a few years ago, and hung on the pegs while kids, who didn’t know what you were, and collectors, who bypassed you for the latest Camaro, largely ignored you.  You felt unloved.

You got new clothes each year, and the same thing happened.  You even got a fabulous red, white, and blue outfit with the number 46 on the door, and you hung on the pegs even then.  Soon you started hearing rumors of a sibling coming out soon, your wagon brother.  You worried about how long he would hang, after all wagons aren’t cool at all.

Then you heard that your wagon brother hardly even made it to the pegs.  But after that things started changing.  You heard that people were actually looking for the wagon brother, and getting mad when they couldn’t find one.  Soon your wagon brother was apparently very popular.

And things started changing for you too.  Your older versions started getting pulled from old boxes and put on eBay, and people wanted you!  And your #46 version, which you now had two outfits for, was on everyone’s want list, and people were paying big money for you.

Now you don’t even know what to do with the fact that your newest version, in the Cool Classics line, is being gobbled up by everyone like you were a Super TH.  Those same grown men are bypassing Camaros to get to you.


But it is true.  The 510 will be on everyone’s want lists, and seeing how fast the Cool Classics sets sold out on eBay, and how many Canadian collectors are buying up as many as possible, it is already widely popular.

And it makes sense.  This is the first 510 release since the popularity of the model skyrocketed.  People want it, and they want to find it on the pegs.

The thing is, t isn’t even the best model in the batch.  That goes to the BRAT, followed by the Chevette.  But that isn’t a complaint.  The gold color with understated design looks nice, and those wheels are the best “non-real riders” we have seen on the 510.

We will maintain that the Cool Classics were a bit of a bland line, and we are not sad to see them go.  After the awesomeness that was the Boulevard line, it seems Mattel has swung and missed with the Hot Ones, Flying Customs, and Cool Classics.  That makes three strikes, so we think the Heritage Line should be a totally fresh start.  We hope it is.

But at least the Cool Classics line is complete.  The best batch of the line is the last, and we are glad it saw the light of day

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch L:

Datsun Bluebird 510

Datsun 240Z

Subaru BRAT

1976 Chevy Chevette

’10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake

15 Replies to “First Look: The Datsun 510, 240Z, and the rest of Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch L…”

  1. I do have to say, this batch is fantastic. You know as well as those on HWC my thoughts about this line, and how I defended it. It was a a really good line where the first 2 mixes just have it a bad reputation with lack luster casting choices and odd colors.

    Same goes for Hot Ones and Flying Customs. The early, lackluster early mixes just doomed the lines from the get go.

    That being said, just like Hot Ones and Flying Customs, Cool Classics goes out with a bang. Can't wait to get my last 2 cases and do my overall series review.

  2. I'm going have to scream CHEVETTE! This is definitely the nicest looking one of the bunch w/ it's '70's mural feel. Followed closely by the Brat, maybe because it's a Brat or maybe because of the red velvet look. I'd put the Super Snake in 3rd, it is one of my favorite stang castings mostly due to all the FTE2 wheel variations from a few years back. I do like both of the 240 and 510 but tampo-wise they are bringing up the rear in this bunch.
    I have loved this series from day one. Just like the Flying Customs and Hot Ones before these series will be looked back at in a few years as missed opportunities by most collectors.

  3. Well I will say that one I found one of the Racing Series 510's at Kmart and threw it up on ebay I was expecting $5 for it and it sold for $20 to a guy in Jakarta. I quickly hit every Kmart in SW Michigan, picked up five or six more, on clearence mind you, and sold them all to the same guy for $24 each.
    So, to your statement I say “Hell Yeah!”

  4. I looked for the 510 from the moment I heard about that line but it never saw the stores in DC, along with the rest of that line. TRU was horrible about putting them out in my area.

    I forget which line the first release of the Chevette came in but that too never saw the stores in DC/NOVA area. I'll hope to get this one as well for retail cost but I'm not too hopefull about seeing them in the stores.

    The BRAT is awesome and I have fond memories of it from when I was kid growing up next to a small country garage that specialized in small imports (mainly Renault and Subaru). Now if we can get Mattel to make another LeCar casting I'll be happy.

    – Darren

  5. And the first line I was referring to was the Racing line, not the Cool Customs. The Cool Customs paint and one note wheel choice wore out it's welcome with me way too soon. The velvet paint style was ok when used sparingly but to me, just can't support an entire line. It's not Spectraflame and never will be.

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