From the Lamley Collection: Our Kyosho Porsches…

This is a collection that is bound to grow.

Reason #1 – Kyosho knows its Porsches.  That will be clearly evident when you look at the photos below.

Reason #2 – Curitiba Customs just created a website in English.  Many of the Porsches we are showing came from Curitiba Customs, and we have wanted to get the word out.  The only problem is until now the site was in Portuguese only.  Now with an English version, many more of you can see what we are talking about.

We like Curitiba Customs because they specialize in older Kyoshos, which are becoming harder and harder to find.  Muriel is a huge Kyosho collector (we have showcased his displays before), and as he created contacts that helped him source the models he was after, he began sharing those models with others.  We discovered his site based on recommendations from others, and now we want to make sure the word is out.

If anything, you should check out the Curitiba Customs’ Kyosho Catalog, which now has 90% of all Kyoshos listed.

Anyway, as the Lamley Kyosho collection continues to grow, we hope to do more and more of these showcases.  That means more Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, and of course their JDM lines.  I have a particular fondness for older Porsches (who doesn’t?), and Kyosho hasn’t disappointed, whether it be 962C, 911 RSR, of the 993, or many others.

So the Lamley Kyosho Porsche collection is in its infancy, but it is already quite pretty.  All it can do is grow…

Porsche 962C

Porsche 911 GTI

Porsche 911 RSR Turbo

Porsche 934

Porsche 911 RS (964)

Porsche 911 RS (993)

Porsche 911 GT3R Hybrid

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  1. The Kyosho Porsche are some of the best. Each release gets better than the previous one.

    I hope we get another release. Maybe some omore racing and some of the lesser street models
    924 Turbo
    944 Turbo Cabrio
    917 variations 10/20/30
    956/962 racing
    962 off road 959


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