First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R…


Ever been to Venice Beach?  Or any crowded public beach with any sort of pier?  There is always that guy.  You know who that guy is.  He sits and draws caricatures of anyone willing to pay.  Kids love him, because he makes a funny drawing of them that is totally out of proportion.  It is a drawing that at the moment they plan on cherishing forever, but there is a good chance it won’t make it past the hotel trash.

Well, if any of you have visited one of these street artists recently, is there any chance you saw a brand new Corvette C7.R getting a caricature of itself?  Someone had to see it.  You are looking for this:

Because that is what must have happened to the brand new Hot Wheels version of the C7.R.  You can tell it is a racing Corvette, but it sure seems a little off.  It must have gotten its funny drawing and submitted it to Hot Wheels.  The casting looks too small, the rear wheels too big, and worst of all, it is “Best For Track”, which means one thing:

Drat.  The infamous upturned chin!  Yes, silly rabbit, Hot Wheels are for kids, but does every kid need a track friendly Corvette?  Hopefully not, especially when its chin takes an upturn definitely for the worse.  When we built a track to give away cars last Halloween, we noticed that it did not matter what kind of car was on the track, as long as it flew.  So that makes me think there are enough track-friendly cars for all the kids to have their fill and still get a more realistic Corvette.

But that is just me.  Who is in on this one?

Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R (2015 New Models):

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  1. they ruined the car i was expecting eagerly from hot wheels…i hope someone can fix it as a custom. I know i will try. Worst thing is that Mattel won't give a shit and will do this to the Corvette Z06 if they release it.

  2. Very disappointed. I was looking forward to this, but it appears to be the same abomination as that Viper. If I ever get one, it will just end up going to a co-workers grandson.

  3. It boggles my mind that the same company that makes the 2015 BMW M4 makes this turd. In my opinion the BMW looks exactly like the real thing and this one doesn't even come close.

  4. So, does that mean that none of you would take it? Really? Sure? Is that your final answer?
    If you say “No, I don't want any of this Corvette with A Raised Chin”, then send it away without a word. Throw it away, but if you do, throw them away here in Manila whole.

    I'd take it, even if it reeks of the smell of 400 Dumpsters. I can live with it, actually, especially since I still see thing about this casting that can still redeem the model.

  5. The C7R would be great if it was released in a line similar to the “Speed Machines” series. The C6R was a very successful release. Try to get one now for under $30. Nice execution.

  6. I was thinking the same, too. If this was released as a reincarnation of Speed Machines but as a GT3/GT2/GTE-only sub-line with the license from the organizers (Tudor USC, ACO, FIA, SRO), this model would rock. With the chock-load of cars in that class through the years (starting from 2006), and chock-loads of teams running cool liveries, HW won't run out of material. And with a premium/semi-premium line, there will be greater attention to detail, and most especially, the castings won't necessarily built for the orange ribbon.

    HW has made good GT3/GT2-class cars before. They can do far better than this.

  7. Made me think now: Jun Imai designed the C6.R, right? Who designed the C7.R, then? Surely not Imai? The Wikia listing for the C7.R had no designer name on it.

    I know! Take this model to Imai's desk! He knows what to do with this.

  8. Keep your fingers crossed that Kyosho does their own version of this one. A least they know what they're doing. Just look at the Bentley Continental GT3, that car looks perfect.

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