Surprise! New Greenlight is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Yeah we are sold on Greenlight.

We will admit that at first, when Wheel Collectors called to tell us they had Greenlight, a typical response would be “Neat.  What Hot Wheels did you get?”

Well that has changed.  New Greenlight means some great new models, awesome casting choices, and some creative liveries.  Especially on the newer castings, which seem to be proportioned much better than some of the older castings.

And with the latest batch of Greenlight, there are some real gems, some as Green Machine Chase cars.  You can see them all here:

Greenlight at Wheel Collectors

Our favorites?  It has to start with the FDNY Hazmat van, then goes to the 1987 Mustang and that sharp Black Bandit C10 Pickup.  All are must-haves, and we have already put in our order.

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