Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Porsche Series Exclusive 8-car set…

We had heard rumors of this set for several months, then it was confirmed last month, and now we know what to look forward to.

A photo has emerged of the brand new Hot Wheels Porsche Series.  It will feature eight models in unique liveries on special cards, similar to last year’s Mustang Series:

The list of models:

– Porsche 914-6
– Porsche Boxster Spyder
– Porsche 918 Spyder
– Porsche Carrera GT
– Porsche 917K
– Porsche 935/78
– Porsche 959
– Porsche 993 GT2

There are some great models in the lineup, most notable for us the RWB-inspired 993, the 914-6, and the 935/78.  There are some models we would rather not see as well, led by the disastrous Boxster Spyder, which is unfortunately a very poor casting of a very cool car.

But aside from the casting choices, the highlight of this set in undoubtedly the artwork.  It is rare for the artwork to outshine the model, but that appears to be the case here.  The card art is fantastic.

We assume this set will be exclusively at Walmart here in the US, just as the Mustang set was, and will offered with hobby dealers in other countries.  Release date is unknown.

Who is in?

28 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Porsche Series Exclusive 8-car set…”

  1. Awesome! I'm so glad they brought back the 959. That car needed to come back. And the fact that Hot Wheels didn't ruin it with colored wheels or windows or stupid side stripes makes it even better. This is how it should be. Signature red, clear windows and thats it. I hate the wheels they used though. Those look good on muscle cars, not on a game-changing European supercar. They should have used one of the modern looking wheels like PR5. Other than that, every other model looks fine. Love the 918 Spyder and 935. The GT2 looks good as well.

    If this set shows up in my city, I'm definitely going to buy them!

  2. Wish the 918 wasn't the same wheel/color scheme as it's debut… Also wish they'd make the hardtop production version instead of the spyder concept. Still waiti for the HW 911 Turbo S

  3. If I see them I'll get a few unless they are at silly/ greedy prices. However stuff like this rarely seems to come to the UK – unless one is patient and strikes lucky at Poundland!


  4. You guys will officially have it in Walmart by June 2015 as stated by Mattel. But for me,i already got them all! Muahahahaha. Lucky for the main producers here in Malaysia.
    Malaysia>Thailand's quality tho

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