Cool is Cool is Cool: Hot Wheels ’70 Ford Torino 2010 multipack exclusives…

Time to another Cool is Cool is Cool, which we haven’t done in awhile.  There are a lot of reasons we do CiCiC, and one is to go back a few years to highlight a model that has been overlooked for awhile.

And the ’70 Ford Torino definitely falls in that category, especially these 10-pack exclusives that were released five years ago.  The multipack exclusives seem to be generally forgotten pretty quickly after their initial release.  Whether that is because someone has to pay $10 to get them, so not as many have them, or because the designs don’t stand out, who knows.  But there are many worth collecting.

For example, the ’67 Mustang released this year is one of them.  Folks seem to like the simple design, and the colors are sharp.  That definitely is the case with the Torino.

The ’70 Torino hasn’t gotten as much play in the Hot Wheels mainline compared to the other Torinos, especially the ’72 Gran Torino (one of my faves).  It debuted in the Modern Classics line, and has largely remained in the specialty lines since.  It’s only mainline presence has been in the 2012 HW Racing subset.  Multipacks aren’t considered the mainline, but they do share the same general properties as the mainline models, including plastic wheels, bases (in general), and mainline-type graphics.

The casting is a little odd, with the back window molded into the casting, as well as its exaggerated low stance, but the detail on the model is actually really nice.

But the main reason I like these three multipack models is simple.  The ’70 Ford Torino is a fantastic-looking muscle car, and these three are the closest Hot Wheels has come to creating realistic graphics on the casting.  It may not specifically be the Gran casting, but the design is close.  All the rest of the versions are littered with kinds of different designs or unrealistic colors.

So we will take these three, and surely count them as Cool…

(Find the 10-pack models and other ’70 Ford Torinos on eBay…)

Hot Wheels ’70 Ford Torino (2010 10-pack exclusives):

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  1. They were going to release one in the now defunct Flying Customs series in metallic purple. I was sad when that wasn't going to be available.

  2. Yep, it was one of 4 cars that FEPs were sneaked but were dropped from the line when Mattel decided to cut the series short. A real shame because it looked great.

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