A glimpse into the Hot Wheels factory…

A very cool video has just emerged, showing a bit of the process of making Hot Wheels.  Thought we would share:

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  1. Pretty cool. Wish it was translated, but I got the gist. Also wish it showed where the employees store the $THs! Heh. I do wish I had one of those painting racks those look awesome and would help my customs immensely, maybe Ill make one.

  2. I can translate it for you… “for all you hoarder's out there that like buying ten of the same casting, mainline is not nor will it ever be rare and elusive.. so stop hoarding!!”

  3. That was awesome, thanks for posting it, so much more insight into the process than any other video I've seen. With so many people handling each car it's amazing that any errors like mismatched wheels or missing tampos make it to the stores.

    It also made me wonder how much better US news broadcasts would be if they used more puppets.

  4. never imagined unyil's footage will appear in this blog

    this show is realy educational amidst cheesy soap opera shows in my country

  5. I'm just pissed with one genius YouTube commenter named “Robert Sartain” saying all the workers there are thieves. I've been there and oversaw their security procedure. They got constant 24 hours patrol and CCTV coverage all around the factory area that the possibilities of some workers to steal and smuggling the HotWheels were almost impossible. True, they got a black sheep among them but that black sheep always got dealt swiftly, got fired and given to the police. I've been there and saw that. I'm really hated they way this “Robert Sartain” implying that all these workers that are fighting to give food to their family is thieves. 99 % of them are good honest people and this genius got no proof at all to say all of them are bad people.

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