The Hot Wheels Lamborghini Huracán and other little Hot Wheels Lamborghinis…

Speaking strictly Hot Wheels-ese, I don’t like big Lamborghinis.  Aventadors and Venenos and Aventadors again, only with the last name of “J”, and those other Lamborghinis that were based on jets.

The big real Lamborghinis?  I probably think the same thing, but let’s keep it Hot Wheels.

I like the little Lamborghinis.  More understated, more balanced, and much better looking.  And Hot Wheels also makes the little Lambos quite a bit better.  So the Huracán counts, because it is small, it is well-done, and it is good-looking.

So I picked out my favorite versions of small Lamborghinis, and took photos.  (To be honest I know little about Lamborghinis, I just know I like the little ones better.  Or I am just really, really tired.  Long story.)

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Huracán (2015 New Models):

7 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Lamborghini Huracán and other little Hot Wheels Lamborghinis…”

  1. Looking forward to finding the Huracån. Nice that the yellow has gone on evenly and not like treacle as often seems to be the case with yellow.

    We often complain and moan about the licensing of models from the 1:1 manufacturers and we have often been on the loosing side with regard to this. no more HW Ferraris, no Matchbox Mercedes Benz, Renault, until recently, being too costly, no 3″ scale rolls royces for years etc.

    Now look at these Lamborghinis – look how low they ride, look at the non tipped up noses – on all of them. (unlike, say, the recent Lotus.) Someone is looking after their designs. I wonder if Lamborghini have pushed HW into producing accurate designs or whether HW have policed themselves on this?

    I wonder if HW could be asked in the next interview/chat?



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