The Lamley Display evolution continues: The wall displays go Hot Wheels and Matchbox-less…

I honestly didn’t see that coming…

When I had my three displays built and shipped by Carney Plastics, I envisioned an office wall full of my favorite Hot Wheels and Matchbox models, with a small section dedicated to a handful of realistic replicas from some Japanese diecast brands.

And that is how it started.  The displays were full of Hot Wheels, from JDM to muscle to Super TH’s, as well as a plethora of Matchbox favorites.  The models that weren’t displayed took their spot in my cases in the closet.

All seemed great and dandy, but then I discovered Japan Booster, and the TLV obsession took off into another gear.  So as my Tomica Limited Vintage collection grew, so did my desire to display them all.  Soon, one of the three displays was completely dedicated to TLV, then two, and now the third and last display has been infiltrated.  It is my full intention to fill the third with TLV.

Well, it was, but then I discovered Curitiba Customs.  I now have a great source for older, hard-to-find Kyoshos, and here we go again.  These arrived last week:

How can these not be displayed?  So in they go, and out go those Hot Wheels again.

This isn’t to say I don’t love my Hot Wheels and Matchbox collection.  I really do, but these Kyosho and TLV display so well.  Just look at how good they look in the photos below.

So here is the third display case, full of a wide array of models.  Enjoy…

7 Replies to “The Lamley Display evolution continues: The wall displays go Hot Wheels and Matchbox-less…”

  1. The more I see.. the more I envy. Now that is a museum quality collection my friend.
    Nice Mazda Cosmo. Just discovered about one in a past issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic. Love that Ferrari 365 in your new lot. Great display!

  2. Don't get me wrong. I love the 1/63 Kyoshos and TLVs. They're tiny works of art, but they are also kinda pricey, and in context, not as impressive as the $1 Matchboxes and Hot Wheels. There's a sketch-like quality to the latter that make them special. Please don't turn your back on the poor man's collectibles.

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