First Look: Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive Thunder Roller…

Last week this thing sold out in seconds.  Literally.

It must be a popular model.  Lots of folks out there love the rigs.  I did as a kid.  Hell, I still do now, and this heavy Hot Wheels is pretty darn cool.  Want to see this model that sold out in seconds?


Ugh.  That photo does this model no justice.  None.  There is this strange plasticy film covering it.  It sure makes that gold color everyone is excited about look dull.  Let’s try and remove that plastic:

DARN TOOTIN!  That thar is one hefty handsome rig!

Yeah, this is an RLC gem, and it is 100 times better freed from its prison.  C’mon guys, do it!  You won’t be sad.

And those of you that don’t have one, head over to eBay and pick one up, and then open it!

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