Sweet Replica, Bitch!! Greenlight previews its fantastic RV from Breaking Bad…

How great does this look!?!

Greenlight has previewed its upcoming 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV, and seeing it has ramped up the excitement.  We have said several times here that we rarely get too excited for movie or tv cars, unless the cars are actually cars we like.  And to be honest, if Greenlight just decided to make this RV for the hell of it, we would be all for it.  It would go really well with the Hitch & Tow Series, as well as with the many Tomica Limited Vintage trucks and buses we have accrued.

But the fact that this is a replica of the Bounder that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman trekked out to the desert for some crystal blue shenanigans makes it a ton better.  After seeing the pic, we instantly contacted Wheel Collectors to see if they had them on order, and they said they have ordered quite a few.  Count us in.

Look for this around May…


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