First Look: Greenlight Hot Pursuit 1987 Ford Mustang GT…

I am late to the game on the Foxbody Mustangs.

Growing up the Mustang never really caught my attention.  For me in the 80’s and 90’s it was all about Japanese and German cars (and the occasional Corvette).  As my car nerd-dom grew as I got older, I really started to appreciate the Mustang, but mostly older Mustangs from the 60’s and 70’s.  I generally considered the Foxbody style rather bland, but I will admit to not knowing much about it.

I have finally turned the corner on the Foxbody.  Maybe it was that natural appreciate of things that represent the past, or maybe it was something else.  But I do like the style.  (I have moved on to the late-90’s Mustang as the ugliest ever.)

It may have been the SSP Mustangs that did it.  There is something about any car in a police livery that makes it look cool.  And when you remember the SSP Mustangs zipping around your town and state, you realize how cool they are.

And it looks like the diecast world is coming around too.  We are far enough away from the Foxbody for it to take on a bit of the “classic” label, and that means diecast companies can jump in.  The Hot Wheels ’92 Mustang and ’84 SVO have both been out awhile, Auto World has an SVO, Greenlight has done a couple (including the model we are showing today), and Matchbox’s ’93 SSP has been wildly popular since it came out late last year.

So we were very excited to see the ’87 in NYPD livery that Greenlight was releasing in the Hot Pursuit line.  The first thing we did?  Look it up.  And sure enough, Greenlight replicated the actual car:

Yep, this one is a must-have.  So we ordered one from Wheel Collectors and here we are.

This really is Greenlight at its best.  They seem to do classic cars and cop cars the best, and this one is a treat.

Of course we had to put it next to the other SSP’s we have.  First is the ’93 slicktop in Utah Highway Patrol livery (one of the best police liveries there is), and next the ’93 CHP from Matchbox.  That of course allowed us to put the two ’93’s together, which really highlights how nice the Matchbox is.  The Greenlights are great, and that goes without saying.  But that Matchbox holds its own, which is not always the case with a $1 model, and shows how Matchbox can still hit a home run occasionally.

So here is the Mustang SSP collection, with the new arrival from Greenlight.  This will surely not be the last…

(Find the NYPD Mustang at Wheel Collectors…)

Greenlight 1987 Ford Mustang GT (Hot Pursuit Series 14):

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  1. The words on the right rear window says 'SEIZED BY NYPD & QUEENS DISTRICT ATTORNEY — OPERATION HERMES'.

    Operation Hermes was an NYPD-Queens D.A joint op against street racing in New York City. The op ended with the confiscation of several high performance vehicles; and out of all the cars, they decide to put some of the fox-body Mustangs into service with the NYPD Highway Patrol.

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