Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels Worldwide G Case…

The cases keep coming…

We mentioned the surprise at Wheel Collectors when a pallet full of G Cases rolled in, when they were expecting F.  We don’t know what happened to F, but we do know that the Kmart cases have F Case models in them for those of you attending the event on Saturday.  So they aren’t totally lost.

So whatever the case, it is nice to have some new models.  And some neato new models at that.

So as we do with every Worldwide case, the folks at Wheel Collectors were kind enough to photograph one case as they opened it, giving us in idea of what is inside.  Soon we will have the US case in hand here at Lamley to do a case report of our own.

But here they all are, as pulled from the case 3-by-3.

(And by the way, all the G Case models are available for purchase right now.  It may be awhile before we see them on the pegs…)


Hot Wheels 2015 Worldwide G Case:

Lots of good stuff.  No Super in this case, but they did pull a Super Mastretta in another case:

We have said it before, that is a really nice Super.  We hope to see one in hand soon.  There was also no sign of the Paradigm Shift Regular TH.  Maybe in the US case.

All in all, some stuff to really look forward to…

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  1. Looks like they they did a casting change on the 52 Chevy pickup, the bed and cab were two separate parts. Only a few cars I'll be getting out of this case, if I ever get it, only found maybe ten cars from D and E case

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