Exclusive 36-count count Kday cases are now available at Kmart.com…

Just a quick heads up for you folks who don’t have a Kmart nearby, or who want to sleep in on Valentine’s Day, or who just want to open a case, the 36-count Kmart cases are now available here:

Feb 14th Kmart Collectors Days exclusive case

We honestly have no idea what to expect from this case.  We ordered one, mainly out of curiosity, as well as to ensure we get at least one yellow Datsun 620.  Other than that, there is no word of any first-to-markets, and we are not quite sure what batch and Super TH to look for.

It has been reported by a Mattel employee that these cases will contain F case models, which would be fantastic.  That would mean the Custom Dodge Van Super for anyone lucky enough to find one.  But based on the assortment at the last Kday, we won’t confirm anything until collectors start reporting what they find.

The other aspect we are curious about is whether the rumors are true that we can use the receipt from an online case purchase towards this event’s mail-in, which is the ’71 El Camino.  That would be fantastic news if that is the case.

Nonetheless, this should be a fun event, especially for those not dead-set on finding a Super.  We will be at our local Kmart on the 14th, and we will also have a case to open, which we will, of course, showcase here.

(One note: Kmart is offering a free no-obligation trial to get free shipping as well.  With that trial, plus using points, we are paying substantially less that $1 per car.  Not bad.)

Good luck…

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  1. The receipt date might allow your request for the free car to drop into “The Black Loophole”. Good luck. I think Mattel is in charge of the freebie, and if the date don't fit, YOU DON'T GIT!!

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