Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels 2015 Batch G, including the three Zamacs…

Holy Datsun Wagon, Batman!  Batch G is out…

Our favorite eBay seller from Texas has just posted the models from Hot Wheels Batch G, including the three upcoming Zamacs.  You can see them all here:

Hot Wheels Batch G

This looks to be a batch many of you will enjoy.  The Mastretta Super will probably get mixed reviews (we like it), and the Regular TH is similar to other Regular TH’s of late, but we now know that the Datsun Wagon is part of Batch G, as is the brand new BMW M4, and some very cool Zamacs.

Some highlights:

What do you think?

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    That BMW is really nice (HWC sneaked the Mastretta, BMW and 510 wagon today). And that wagon is always a winnder. Wonder if it will get a recolor later in the year.

  2. Is everyone sure the Porsche is a ZAMAC since I don't see the label on the card in your photos. It looks to just be painted silver. Cool car either way, don't get me wrong. I'm excited about that Datsun wagon but the red version will be hard to beat.

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