Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R…

This is a model that will interest a few of you.

In the vein of the recently released SRT Viper GTS-R comes the brand new Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R.  The new Corvette endurance racer is menacing machine, and that looks to translate into its mini form.

What we can’t tell is if, like so many Hot Wheels racers lately, the Corvette suffers from an up-sloped chin.  Yeah, it makes it great for the orange track, but not for a display case.  We will save our whining for later if in fact the model has a fat lip.  (It looks like it might.)

But for now, here is what to expect…

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  1. Actually, the last pic is exactly the one that best shows the crease where the spoiler was bent up. Look carefully around the middle of the rivet and you should spot it

  2. This would be awesome if HW's released this in a line like the defunct Speed Machines series. The C6R was incredible in that line, but I guess the new offering is on level with the Viper GTS-R in the mainline.

    Will HW's ever release another series as successful as SM's once was? Have you seen the prices for some of them lately? I guess you get what you pay for!

  3. seems like i will stop collecting hot wheels as well. I am a huge Corvette fan, but what they've done with the C7's is horrible. The c6's were fantastic. Why do they do this??? :/ I will wait until autoworld releases the C7 corvette, although that seems highly unlikely.

  4. The casting too narrow and the rear wheels are way too big. In my opinion, Hot Wheels are aimed at kids and Matchbox are aimed towards collectors. I'd rather spend $1 on a Matchbox car than a Hot Wheels car any day. Matchbox does a much better job creating a true representation of what the actual car looks like. If you don't believe me just compare Hot Wheels Challenger SRT8 to Matchbox's. Matchbox wins hands down.

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