Ferraris we will miss: Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 GTO…

With the Hot Wheels/Ferrari license “on hiatus”, as someone at Mattel put it, it has become clear that we won’t see any Hot Wheels Ferraris in the foreseeable future.

But we still need a Ferrari fix, don’t we?

So here and there, we will dive into our Hot Wheels Ferrari collection and feature a few of our favorites.  It isn’t a huge collection, so maybe some of you might want to share your favorites.  One way or the other, we will get some Hot Wheels Ferraris on the blog, and hopefully provide a way for those that are interested to acquire them.

So why not start with the granddaddy of Ferraris, the 250 GTO.

This is one of those “thankful that they did it while they still had the license” models.  The 250 GTO is obviously iconic, and considering a real one sold for $52 million a couple of years ago, the $1 Hot Wheels version is a lot easier to acquire.

But even in our little Hot Wheels world, that will soon change.  If collectors feel they need to grab a few more Ferraris before the value goes up, the 250 GTO will up at the top of everyone’s want lists.  And for good reason.  This is a beautiful casting.

The unfortunate thing is Hot Wheels didn’t use the casting too much, and didn’t use it all in the last few years.  We last saw it in the Garage series, but nothing since.  If you wander into “What Could Have Been” Land, you will see GTO’s in all kinds of colors and racing liveries.

Instead, we have several in red, a couple of recolors, a surprisingly cool 5-pack version, and two premium versions.  We will take them all.

So, here they are.  A wonderfully done, but sadly underused, casting.  If “hiatus” is actually the proper word when it comes to the Ferrari license, we hope this is one of the first castings used when the license returns…

Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 GTO:

2009 New Models:


2010 Ferrari 5-pack:

2011 Garage:

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  1. The 288 GTO, 365 Daytona and the 308 GTS are the ones I will indeed miss the most.

    Such a shame that Mattel lost the license for Ferrari for now. Especially after that retooled F40.

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