The January batch of Tomica Limited Vintage is now out at Japan Booster…

A quick Sunday heads-up to let our readers know that Japan Booster has just received its shipment of the January batch of Tomica Limited Vintage.

We are looking forward to all three castings in this batch, two of which are brand new, albeit modifications from previous models.

First up is the glorious 1956 Toyota Crown Deluxe, which looks an awful lot like the 1955 Crowns TLV released last month.  Take a closer look and you will see some trim updates, and there is no doubt that that light blue and olive green make the models look much more vibrant.  And those wheels!

Next, the 1986 Toyota Mark II HT Grande, or Cressida as we know it here, shows up in white and beige.  These 80’s cars will continue to grow in popularity, and these two, mudflaps and all, are must-haves:

Love the trim:

Lastly, another Nissan Cedric.  And don’t interpret that last sentence as boredom.  Something is making me more and more excited about the Cedric.  My appreciation for it has grown a lot lately.  Maybe because of its 70’s looks, which it shares with many US-built counterparts, or just because it is a great-looking car in general.  Nonetheless, we get another police car, this time unmarked and the first in the brand new “Tokusou Saizensen” series, which features the cars from another 70’s Japanese police serial, a la Seibu Keisatsu.  I know nothing about the series, but I will try to pick up a few things before doing a feature on the model.  One way or the other, I am always happy with another Cedric:

All of these can be found at Japan Booster, and as always, grab them while they are still cheap…

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